What is the best looking and sounding Lancer?

Im referring to all Lancers, the MK1 (Retro Lancer) MK2,(Marcus Custom Lancer) MK3, and Lancer GL, which one to you looks the best and sounds the best?
Personally… im a big fan of the custom lancer, I own the replica version and man… I think its a really good upgrade of the lancer we all know and love. I think sound wise, that probably goes to Gears 2 considering it sounded more stronger than the GOW 1 version and that game just holds alot of favorites for me. 2006 lancer sounds like a pea shooter but i still like the sound.

Best looking and sounding is the Retro retro lancer.

Ye. If you remember the Gears of War 3 E3 2010 demo, the retro had a different look and sound. For some reason though, EPIC decided to change it into what we have today.

A shame really. It looked much cooler back then.

Gears 3 when someone else is firing lancer is the best sound.

Its a different sound when you fire it and i don’t like it as much. It probably comes in 2nd though

Gears 5 Launch With Active Reload.