What is the algorithmn for the no leaver penalty when someone leaves?

Is there a timer? Why the ■■■■ do I have to play a match which someone has abandoned at the start instead of searching for a fresh one? Inb4 “bb-b-b-b-but there’s a chance you could win!”. Trust me in most cases I’m in I’ve almost always lost 4v5s and forcing me to play a 4v5 match all the way through for some reason because of a hidden algorithm is a sick punishment for a guy who wants to just play a fair ■■■■■■■ match for once.

I love the passion you have for a game that a lot of people have abandoned. As well as the development team.


I genuinely forgot they weren’t updating the game anymore :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: Kinda weird how a multibillion dollar company can’t squash annoying bugs and other various things that have been known about for ages.

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Halo is about to be lit. Don’t worry.


Here’s hoping. It looks like they actually got a large budget. Weird pricing strategy though because I doubt anyone will pay $60 or whatever for just the story.

Not a lot to lose. Die hard halo fans will pay for it.

MP over the last couple of years has shown / moved towards money is in a battle pass or the item shop.

With it being on PC now too, definitely an understandable move. Why go for the one time purchase over the recurring.

One of my biggest complaints was the pack system in 5.

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I only got my xbox one like halfway through OP 7 and I haven’t played halo since halo 4. I liked reach but back when I played it, I mainly played invasion and infected with all those glitch spots back in the day. From what I’ve heard halo 5 added lots of things like ledge grabbing and slides which people weren’t happy with but I enjoyed those sorts of movement mechanics in Titanfall 2.

the only downside of halo is delay forge and delay co-op campaign

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I could understand delaying forge since it takes work to do but delaying co-op is just strange. The only reason I imagine it would be delayed would be if co-op is special like Jack from Gears 5 or something.

Edit: And for for ■■■■■ sake they better allow local co-op instead of online only like Halo 5 apparently has.

Halo 5 did add a few gameplay mechanics that differed quite a bit from previous Halos, but I thought they were fun to have, especially for the PvE side of things. Partially as it added some dynamics to where you could go to for fighting enemies. Don’t recall any sliding per se but you could do a dodge sideways or backwards, slam into the ground after jumping off a ledge or do a forward charge using a “thruster” feature.

And people also really went to town on ripping the campaign a new one for its story(gameplay wise, it’s totally fine). Me being one of those who did not like it at all. I would have been open to paying full price even if it’s for the story because that’s usually what I play games for, with some exceptions.

But after the horrid story of Halo 5 I decided I’m very unlikely to get it at launch, as much as I would like to. And I was one hell of a follower of the franchise, at least in terms of its lore. 5 completely shattered a solid foundation of bedrock that was the trust I had in it by virtue of the absolutely awful story alone. Despite the relatively fun gameplay and - in my view - decent MP(though I did only play one mode and that was Warzone which was a mix of PvP and PvE - not to be confused with the CoD BR).

Oh, and yes, Halo 5 only has online coop. Another reason that motivated me not to get Infinite when it launches. Now when I’ll actually get someone who would be a couch coop partner for it again as we’re still not rid of “human malware”, that’s a different question. I can potentially see a reason for delaying the (local) coop aspect if they want to make sure that it absolutely works after the flak they got for it not being in 5.


You forgot to mention how you can swap in vehicles by pressing A to swap onto a warthog turret or driver sit or… if for somereason…swap to a scorpion mg turret

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I forgot about PvE. I used to play quite a bit of firefight back on reach too. Does the PvE have any sort of progression? Or is it just for fun? I might have a go at some point because Halo 5 is probably dirt cheap these days.

Well, I forgot that existed. Never used the feature really. Don’t think I ever used vehicles that much in the MP(and unless it was a Wraith or Scorpion in the campaign, for the multi person vehicles, let the AI shoot the primary weapon), but I still fondly remember that one time I went on an utter Scorpion rampage(one of my favorite Halo vehicles, though still not sure if entirely sold on the new design in H5) in a Warzone match and tricked people who tried sneaking up on me by exiting the vehicle and taking them out while they were trying to climb on and stick a grenade into it from behind, simply by keeping an eye on the motion tracker. It was rather amusing how they were totally confused meleeing the back of the tank trying to get on, while I picked them off.

Could’ve won the match if I’d not been distracted trying to take out the Warden Eternal during the last few minutes of the match with me being focused on that, so some guy got up behind me. Should’ve just turned it around so that the guy I had sitting on the turret watched anyone trying to sneak up.

Or that one time I was near the enemy spawn point and someone just pulled up in a Scorpion with a second guy walking near it, so I took the risk and plugged a grenade into it, then dodged the second guy walking nearby. The grenade went off and blew him as well as the driver up while I got away with it. Fun stuff.

While on the note of tanks, I would absolutely love to get the “Grizzly” tank from the two Halo Wars games in a mainline Halo. All the benefits of a Scorpion but double barreled and built in rocket launcher on the turret as well? Sign me up.

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You know the music, time to dance :smirk:


Infinite has the potential for game of the decade. That’s all I’m gonna say :sunglasses: I have high hopes for it for sure.

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Yeah it does look like they’re trying to return to their roots a lot.

Edit: Just realised does F2P halo mean you don’t need xbox gold to play it online like other F2P titles? If so that’s so good.

Not necessarily. Some F2P games, if not all, with MP on Xbox require Gold to play them in MP.

Most likely won’t have an entry price to have access to the MP, but don’t think that includes the Gold sub.

Personally I hope I can get a gaming PC when the parts drop in price so I can avoid the whole pay to play online even if they aren’t our servers scam.

I doubt that, you’re definitely going to need gold but it will be a free game like fortnite (well the battle royale part).

You won’t need Gold to play multiplayer since it’s free to play. :slightly_smiling_face:

World of Tanks on Xbox is also free to play. You still needed gold to play it, when I was anyway. So unless there’s been a policy shift, you need Gold for them.