What is that new weapon ive seen in Gears 5?

The locust lancer? Is it a hammerburst with crystals attached to it? What is it?

Kinda like a “Thompson Lancer Swarm” type of rifle

The one you can Chainsaw Duel with?


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Yeah, that weapon.

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No one knows then? I thought it might have been useable in the escape demo.

The claw lmg

Ah, thanks. I wonder how the bayonet works

Yeah I feel like maybe it’s more of a blunt force attack similar to the big mace?

It may just be for visual.

The ability to counter Lancer chainsaw but also add a more brutal twist to executions,

The B button might just swing the stock of LMG or knife slash.

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A solid point. I love that it can counter the chainsaw. Just adds more flavor!