What is TC's Problem?

With putting the Classic Lancer in multiplayer? It’s in campaign, it’s in hive-busters, I don’t want to buy your ugly weapon skins, I want to use the original lancer and I’m not even being picky and asking you to add the real Lancer from Gears 1 that has a short barrel that actually makes sense to use with a chainsaw. So what’s the problem? Is some dev rattled that people didn’t like his genius idea of putting a stock on a weapon that physically cannot be shouldered with shoulder-pads the size of bowling balls?


No idea to be honest but Dana did say many times he’d look into getting it back in-game. I


In reality, I doubt the developer had military service experience. Never held a rifle (civilian grade or not) probably. These days, few people serve and have any clue.

Shout out to any servicemen out there from this former reservist.


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