What is more annoying?

I’m sort of in a philosophical state of mood.

What is more annoying?

Getting killed by an enemy or Getting killed by your teammate?

So far I’ve died because of explosive damage dealt by

  • Brawler ( when I was Blademaster)
  • Marksman ( when I was Blademaster)
  • Striker ( well this one happened when I was lvl 1 Protector. Didn’t expect for Striker to have explosive damage)
  • Pilot ( on the Surge I was Nomad with low health because of all those drones shooting non stop, Pilot in Silverback froze me by accident ( I hope) and then I died)

On the other hand - I have a clip of me doing this triple combo to a drone and he just rolled away from me even though I finished the combo. Then he killed me by shooting while he walking backwards.

I’ve died to alot of stuff in this game like : flashbangs not working on an enemy and they kill me, boomshot scions hunting me down, sires that don’t make noise and the list can go on and on and on but the most infuriating thing that has happened to me (and this has happened ALOT) is a friendly slugger throwing shock grenades directly on top of me while im meleeing an enemy and I get downed because of it.

Whenever it happens I just have so many questions like do you see me meleeing this enemy? Why are you throwing shock grenades at your teammates? Why are you using shock grenades in Gears 5 when they are bad? Why does every random slugger throw shock grenades at me? Lol


Getting killed by a teammate for sure.

Enemies killing you is apart of the game, cant get mad at that.


getting 98% in 1 is pretty annoying.


I prefer 83%


That’s annoying indeed!
A few times I even got 100% hit but my opponent wouldn’t even go down!

Usually happens by accident, and I still fail to see why friendly fire is enabled in Escape anyway. The only thing it’s good for is using Poppers to harm your enemies, which should be a given in any mode regardless of friendly fire being on or not.

Is a classic. Brawler players in Escape seem to think it is their sole task to kill anything and everything, even if it’s already at low health and going to die anyway.

Marksman can limitedly be excused by them shooting a different target and you just happening to be in the explosion radius.

And enemies are the ones that are more annoying because you can’t get rid of the silent Sire nonsense, and other stupidity that comes from them. If a teammate is being an excessive nuisance, as long as you’re the host(or the host has a shred of common sense and isn’t the obnoxious player), you can always kick them.

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Killed due to dumb AI.
Playing the campaign on ironman and Del decides he needs to be on the same piece of cover I’m using right as I pop out to fire a boomshot so it explodes in my face killing me.

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Hmm, so it’s not just me. I noticed that any Brawler that joins my game is usually very pushy ( like sprinting far away and then going down ) or they just kill and steal kills.
Of course not all Brawlers are like that but this is what I’ve seen so far.

If im Brawler in escape and I have teammates I take off All the glory. Its just too dangerous to have on, Killing Time is way more fun to have on anyways.


Nothing tops getting killed by team mate using chainsaw or retro charging you, while you’re playing a hijacked unit as Jack. This makes me mad every time.

And when I was going through hives while friend played Pilot earlier on in the game, I remember two instances of getting completely frozen because I am meleeing a pack of Juvies and someone would shoot their Talon pistol which CLEARLY MISSES and turns my damage HP from red to white ice.

Getting killed by enemies is not even annoying. It’s fair game. They outplayed.


I forgot getting frozen by teammates was a thing lol

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I think you’re misremembering me for the randoms with zero trigger discipline. Unless I’m playing solo or the Juvies are far away from everyone I don’t shoot them as any class in Escape.

And which part of getting shot through covers(which, yes, the AI absolutely does), point blank Boomshotted when they’re supposed to be meleeing or stunned, or 360 Torque’d by a Theron is “fair game”?

It’s for this reason that this percentage nonsense shouldn’t exist.

Almost as bad an idea as a ranking system.

I’m pretty sure you’re only saying this because you think I like a ranking system but I don’t. It’s only fun for 3-4 days per playlist until you get the highest rank and then there’s nothing left to do.

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Death through a teammate’s incompetence is easily the winner here. It’s not necessarily surprising since usually they’re more of a hinderance than not, but it’s definitely annoying.

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Definitely not. You know I have a lot of time for you and mean nothing untoward. I’ve just never been a fan, it’s always been flawed (Gears 4 arguably less I suppose) and caused more problems than simply not having a ranking system like it used to be. I’m fully aware it’s existence adds a small bit of replayability, duration dependant on skill, but if the game’s that good then it’s redundant. Just like it used to be.

Pretty much.

Those damn blademasters stealing all my kills are pretty annoying.


I still think this is the most infuriating experience I had recently.


Brawler has become one of my least favourite classes in Escape.

Part of it is the AOE friendly fire from All The Glory.

And the second, is that as the Brawler is a strong class, it’s kinda created this category of players who are at best, mediocre who feel invincible and rush head-first into fights, alerting enemies and then get themselves killed, then they throw a hissy fit and quit because they’re up to their necks in enemies and the remaining two players aren’t in a position to revive them.

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