What is kait good for in horde

She can’t build anything…

she has a great bleed card, gets 25% more power when she kills close enemies, can go invisible to either execute enemies or revive teammates


Didn’t see anything to buy other than weapons

It’s a team game innit.


She’s good for not being an Engie.


Classic Pepper post

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Watching her butt inspire the team mates


Double energy from close range kills.


Her passive (bonus power for close kills) bothers me quite a bit. I get what they were going for, but on higher difficulties it’s just not realistic in any way that you’ll be able to take advantage of it almost ever. You’ll be going down every 5 seconds if you try to get in gib range of anything. Be way better if it was just anything she caused damage to with a shotgun.

Oh also her Legendary skill card seems awful, as currently implemented.


Best character in horde when leveled up , bleed damage is beastly lol


It only had options to buy weapons. No fortifications

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You know that a character is good for more than just building, right? Kait is a killer. Nothing more, nothing less. Slaughter the Swarm with her as you see fit. Shotguns work best on her.


Obliterating everything with shotguns + bleed. The Overkill makes a nice sniper weapon for her.

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Kait Diaz,take bringing up the rear to new level!And in case you forgot she is NOT a engineer shes a scout and scouts do not normally build stuff…

She’s pretty useful, like the others are saying, but I do wish they’d give her a power pickup bonus card instead of just the power pickup radius, so she could be a proper scout class like in 4.

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What does this mean? Part of me doesn’t want to know.

upgrade her shotgun damage to its max and the rest on your health and GG easy kills and 50 waves.

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It means she has very hip hugging pants on.

Give her a breaker mace+stealth mode+high speed+high health.
She became the bogeywoman for swarm.

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