What is it with people who change the map/hive of their lobby at the last minute?

As the title says. This seems to be a problem in the Escape lobby browser where quite a few people change the Hive at the last minute before starting, and then bam! All of a sudden I’m playing a map that my character is ill-suited for, and which I wasn’t expecting to play, or have the wrong cards equiped. Jesus people - sort the lobby out (Hive, difficult etc) before opening it to public. Don’t turn it into a last minute thing!


Yeah. Those people will also start the lobby exactly .02 seconds after you join—giving you no time to sort your load-out if necessary. I don’t ask for a lot. Maybe 10 seconds.


Inconsiderate or they be trolling i think…

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I think they are trolls.

Escape, “Master” was the name of the lobby, host waited for a 3rd player more than 5 minutes, after that host change map and difficulty to beginner. Was too late to go back so I restart Gears 5.

If I am the host of a lobby because original host left, I change the name of the lobby or just create a new one.

When I hit start, I’m always looking at the players to see if someone changed character, if I see a character change, I instantly stop and wait. Now, if I start a match and a player see they gotta card change, I just go back to lobby and tell them let me know when your ready. Sometimes hosts are just impatient. Everyone in the squad is trying to reach the same goal and that’s winning the match.

I feel its more to bait people into joining the lobby and then change it to something that people dont really wanna play.

Happens a lot in the horde customs. Bait people with popular map(Blooddrive, Allfathers) then switch it to bunker or something

Ditto. I always give players around 5-10 seconds to make changes. If I see a player’s character change I wait til they stop and give them another few seconds to settle before I start.

It’s a weird thing to do. I mean, if I end up with a map I don’t want I’m only going to quit so what’s the point?

Yea, there’s nothing like joining a lobby on Master, where they are advertising a map I need to complete for Seriously 5.0, and we wait for 5 mins (no biggie)…just for them to change the map at the last second. It’s hard enough to find lobbies with the maps I need…all I see is Blood Drive , Forge, and Overload when I need the older maps because I didn’t start working in Master til alot later.