What is happening with the Jack bug?

This problem is still happening. All of Jacks upgrades and components disappearing. Means Co-op campaign is completely glitched.

Same thing happened to me and a buddy recently, please go report the bug on https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033117992-How-can-I-report-a-bug-
hopefully the more of us that report it the sooner it’ll be fixed

Happening to me as well on Xbox One X.

Played co-op with my brother and a friend of ours, where my brother played Jack.

As soon as we picked up the Stim ability, it bugged out. My brother who plays Jack can’t upgrade him, nor can he see any ability icons on the ability list and can’t upgrade the passives.

This is a major game breaking bug (100% reproducible in 2 and 3 player co-op on Xbox One at least) that needs to get some bloody attention and considering how much flak they’re getting because of this bug, it amazes me that they haven’t fixed it yet.

I’m going to report this bug, though and hope they fix it…