What is going on

(DARKNESS586) #21

Exactly my point. They can’t fix a problem to save their lives. And yeah it’s supposed to but the game can’t help but lag me out if someone’s ping is really high.

(Voltaire tron) #22

I did 25 waves of Horde Mania just recently so Horde seems to be unaffected

(sancris777) #23

It looks like ur screen hasn’t been cleaned since 1853

(API) #24

It does. It just put us on the wrong dedicated server

(Chezwickcheese) #25

They do… what a mess. This has been going on for at least 2 weeks.


Social is unplayable. Kept getting kicked from lobby with SERA error code. During the game players would be skipping all around the map. It’s been like this the last week. TC must be shutting down servers to put money towards gears 5

(Chezwickcheese) #27

I won’t be buying gears 5 if this is what we can expect for server stability. Its 2018…