What is going on


Literally can’t search, wtf.

(API) #2

I wish TC would just acknowledge this at least lol

(Pigeon Park Bum) #3

This exactly. Instead we get Rod posting photos of fireworks, and wine.

Yet they want us to buy a new title, new card packs, reissued card packs, a $20 Griffin skin…

Yet cannot publicly address the issue that their current release main component is a disaster, and is completely broken, even when able to connect, their blatant LIE about 250ms ping being labelled “working as intended” is a joke as well.

The players are not stupid. Gears 5 will fail after the fiasco that has been Gears 4 online since the Season Pass fiasco on day 1.

(Krylon Blue) #4

I realize this was the Golden Gun event but I had to screenshot it because the game actually thought this would be an acceptable experience. You know with the “250ms” fair window and all.

(API) #5

I normally don’t complain about ping but I was in a game with everyone over 100 ping except a single person from EU lol. It put us on EU servers even though 9/10 people were from NA. The EU player wasn’t even host

(ll Atlaz ll) #6

I feel your pain my man,

After losing to these “Mexicans Warriors”, I switched to Detroit: Become a Human.

(Krylon Blue) #7

I can’t wait for Spider-Man!

And wow, gotta love how one team has all lower pings and the other has 5 cheaters. Yes, I’ll call them cheaters so long as they’re gaining an advantage by pinging at the sweet spot constantly.

(ll Atlaz ll) #8

Exactly :call_me_hand:t2:

(Krylon Blue) #9

I am trying to get my 30 kills in Golden Gun but this lag is making is extremely difficult. I’m watching high ping warriors miss their shots on everyone but the enemy explodes but then I shoot them or even my low ping teammates shoot them and you see the trail go right through the high ping cheaters.

Ranked, Social or Special Event: Enough is enough. Put these high pings with others like them. Even a one shot kill Golden Gun event is unplayable due to this crap. Then when I’m one kill away from completion everyone starts running in place and the server disconnects. Figures. And this is AFTER the high pings left so the connection actually stabilized… must want me to be stuck with cheaters all day huh?

Edit: Finally got it in a lobby with 4 players pinging above 200ms. Nice job with that matchmaking!

(III EnVii III) #10

It does the opposite to me sometimes.

9 EU players and for some reason it pulls in 1 US player and we are on US East or Central.

Don’t know why but recently it happens some nights and others it doesn’t.


(Krylon Blue) #11

Reminds me so much of Gears 2.

There would be 9 players from the USA but they would give host to the player from Mexico and the whole lobby, besides the Mexican, would just rev chainsaws because no one knew where anyone was at. You’d be lucky as a USA player to have a single kill but the laggy Mexico host would have every kill.

(DARKNESS586) #12

at least you guys can actually get on
the game. i updated the game today and now its crashing every time i attempt to search for a lobby. im practically locked out of the game.

(Krylon Blue) #13

The search times. at least Golden Gun are taking a long time. Either no one has downloaded it, servers are messed up or they’re experienced crashes just as you are.

(DARKNESS586) #14

im not sure what could possibly be doing this. every time they patch something they end up replacing it with a worse issue. its ridiculous.

(Krylon Blue) #15

Tell me about it. All of my friends with NVIDIA Cards are forced to either screw up other games with old drivers or run current games and have Gears crash. It never gets better.

(DARKNESS586) #16

im on Xbox so its impossible to find a fix for it. i just tried again and I thought the crashing stopped cause it was loading me into a tdm match but then it crashed. again. what are these devs doing? it’s like they’re more worried about catering to esports than fixing the mess that they keep adding on to.

(Krylon Blue) #17

Did you try hard resetting your Xbox and then unplugging it for 30 seconds? Sounds stupid I know but it’s worth a try.

(DARKNESS586) #18

oh i did. but now the game won’t start at all. nothing is working. my disc is in perfect condition and has been for almost two years. this is on tc .

(Aquiles ARR) #19

Same situation over here.
It’s unfortunate that with every update they always break something down.

TC is more and more trying to compete with Bugisoft.

(Aquiles ARR) #20

Isn’t GoW4 supposed to have dedicated servers?