What is going on with suspensions?

I agree that people leaving games should get suspensions and de-ranked, but i just joined a group, left the group before we were even searching for a match, and i got suspended 15mins. W T F???

Is this a thing in Gears 5 or it’s a bug? anyway fix this please…

If by group you mean lobby, than no, it’s not a bug. Quitting a ranked lobby nets you a penalty just like quitting a match.

I don’t mean lobby, i mean group.

I was in a streamer’s group and we was 6 already so we needed one to back out before we searched for the match, i backed out BEFORE even looking for the match. That’s what i’m talking about.

It’s your own fault man

Shoulda jus played with 6 people

I think a ban of 500days would have been more apt

couldn’t agree more.

Furthermore, I don’t think jail time is out of the question, either.

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Nothing is going on, this is their new system, get used to it :joy:

If that happens again you’ll probably be banned for 300 days, no exaggeration lmao.

What has this game become

And if you create a new account to circumvent the ban, you’ll be executed by Delivery Driver Raam