What is going on with P2P connection in this game?

What is going on with server’s or P2P connection what ever this crap of “AAA” game is using? Everything is fine but game is so unplayable. Same distance I God 82-85% and I got killed. Every ■■■■■■■ time. On kill came person is shooting 5m behind me and killing me.


It is so bad right now, last night also. Shooting delays seem to be doubled, opponents rubberbanding and sponging. I’m only winning matches because someone on opposing team lags out and exits the game


Yip common for me to do 85 percent by getting first shot off but then get gibbed by opponent


Have no idea, but the same thing has been happening to me last week. I was luckily running with a squad of three so our chances at winning were higher than solo-ing but there were at least seven matches out of the 11 I played in which players quit either on our team or the opponents, not to mention people rubberbanding and jumping around all over the map.

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