What is going on, why do valid posts keep getting flagged and hidden?

This has happened frequently the last few days to my posts and to others here.

Is it now a rule that you can’t post anything even remotely positive about this game?

Wtf has this place become. Smh.


I’ve had the same thing happen to me.

I have posted several things that have been constructively critical which seem to only gain likes and comments of support.

The moment i have posted anything positive, whether that be what i think currently works or heaven forbid I praise TC for acting upon our feedback, those comments are flagged and it’s pointed out i have in someway abused community standards.

I could only imagine what would happen if TC just cut off all communication with us on Twitter and here. I’ve never had any other Developer reply directly to me on a forum addressing a point i have raised on their game. That speaks volumes for me, but hey i guess it’s only cool and fun to moan these days.

I’ll give it half hour before your post and my reply and reported lol

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If this is true it sounds like a bad thing.
Maybe the moderators don’t have time to judge all comments that gets flagged.

All opinions and angles on subjects should have the same chance to be expressed equally


I’ve noticed this too and was wondering what was going on. Not just positive comments, but also people being critical of negative comments.


Because peoples feelings get hurt when spoken the truth. Whether it’s positive or negative, this generation can’t take it.


There’s definitely a band of trolls on the forum actively chasing and flagging positive comments as spam.

They get overruled eventually after staff gets to the post but that takes a while.


But the damage is already done by that point because the conversation has moved on.


Yeah there needs to be a better way of controlling this. It makes no sense that there’s no approval process for a post getting marked as spam. These people can essentially mark any post as spam if they want to.


Guess that’s exactly their point. I do actually feel sorry for those guys: it’s one thing to dislike something but imagine how terribly upset you gotta be to actively chase anything positive on the topic and try to erase it? And that’s combined with complete absence of balls to stand up and say “I did it”.

Truly sad. Don’t think there are pills for that.


Well if this is all true.

Then I guess I’m lucky that none of the guides I have done so far have been marked this way.

Sad that this happens.


It’s because people get their feelings hurt when you tell them the truth about things


Almost 30

It’s crazy, right? I’m not normally one for flagging posts, I prefer to reply and counter-argue. I’ve seen a dramatic increase in posts being flagged over the past week though.

I mean, unless your opinion is the opposite of mine I don’t see why it should be flagged!


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  • Respond to the content of someone’s post, not the tone. If someone is aggressive to you, flag their post and ignore it. Don’t rise to it.
  • Report posts that bring the community or conversation down. Help us - together - build the best community possible.

It says to report each other here…


Well said.

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But none of the flagged posts, at least not mine, are doing that. They are valid posts.


Yeah, I responded to one of your flagged comments. It was perfectly respectful and I was happy to add my two cents. No reason for it to be flagged.


How dare you. I’m offended and want to speak to your manager.


This is echoed within the game

Slightly away from the original topic but relevant to the community

I’ve seen people calling for the ability to kick players from games - mainly horde and whilst I too would love to have kicked many players who I have shared a horde field with,

Can you imagine if horde (or any game mode) offered a “kick vote” option, it would get spammed and abused!!
Exactly like what appears to be happening here…


Theres a relevant arguement for kick option…especially in custom horde…still about opinions though.