What is going in with the servers?!

All day long the servers have been crazy. Lobbies where everyone is 150+ ping up to 300.

The game had issues before but this is stupid.

Playing in Europe.

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If you’re in Europe you’re most likely being place on NA servers due to lack of a consistent European player base so your ping will reflect that

happened to me too. was playing on south brazil servers last night. twice before being placed back in EU. Often get placed on US servers, but very rarely if ever South Brazil. wonder if they trying something with servers.

There is absolutely nothing new here man. They have been out of whack for quite sometime now.

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No acknowledgement on forums that I have seen. I have not been following TC staff on twitter to check there.

They are certainly more active on Twitter. Not sure if they expect the forum members/site mods to answer the questions or not.

If there’s at least a few people in the lobby with low pings, you’re being placed on a distant server. Which is better than getting no match at all.

If everyone’s ping is high then it’s likely something screwy with the connections.

I’d rather have no match then a lag fest one.

Better yet, I should be able to lock down matchmaking to my own region and only search for those matches :+1:


for the last 5 weeks or so, my matches are on the 2nd or 3rd nearest server 95% of the time, nearest server 5%. That’s my assessment based on ping to servers shown in Options > Matchmaking versus the in-game ping display

I’m still getting a mixture but I’m always on a USA server. However, even so, every server is just as laggy as the other. The only way the game will run properly is if the game stops pairing me with players above 80ms. This means locking the whole country of Mexico onto their own server because 99.9% of them are laggy players that ruin every match.

They can be allowed back onto US servers the moment their country stops being stupid and upgrades their infrastructure or if they reprogram the net code on this game to punish high pings rather than make the game run like total crap for low pings.

Edit: You can flag this but there’s nothing wrong with telling the truth. Don’t blame the messenger when it’s your fault for playing a game on that dial-up quality internet.

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Games dead in Europe, same people playing against eachother day in and day out… Theres probably less than 50 active EU players online at any point who play my gamemode, TDM

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Precisely. And everyone was over 200.