What is freezing me in the Ice Queen Hive?

How do I avoid something that I have no idea is happening? Once on my first run I just froze out of the blue…almost instantly…didnt see any creature of any kind…no trap that I could see. Happened again my second run in a different spot. Wound up in a pod? Is this a glitch? What am I missing? The first time it acted like I was getting shot point blank by a cryo-gun. Im just clueless…is there animation that maybe glitched out? Thanks

enemy weapons will freeze you ( I think Snipers)

it’s one of the modifiers

What is freezing you is the Drop Shot Scion. He is using the Relic Drop Shot weapon. You can also freeze enemies if you use it as well. Works great for the Wardens and the Matriarch at the end.

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