What is everyone's obsession with shoving all the defenses into a dead end

More often than not, I find some know-it-all who thinks dead ends are a great idea to huddle in and shoot from, despite the fact that they virtually offer no cover save for the walls around you, which obviously isn’t helpful when the enemies are coming from a single direction. I’ve never managed to finish a game with this type of defense setup and I can’t understand why people hide in such a vulnerable spot like some cornered rat.

Depends on what map your playing…some maps with a decent run up/line of sight …are worth hunkering down for…to be fair iv seen peeps set up in some odd places :rofl:




I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s a natural military/warfare tactic lol. Reduces the amount of places your enemy can come at you from so you can focus firepower in tighter killboxes. Plus not having to dedicate resources or manpower to potential flanks.

Obviously certain spots are stupid though lol. Like deep in Dam or Gridlock spawns where there isn’t any cover. I think most maps have decent amounts of cover near their deadends though.


There’s no way out of that ravine. Theoden is walking into a trap. He thinks he’s leading them to safety. What they’ll get is a massacre.

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This is quite the conundrum to me as well. They will take the fab and run it all the way to the wall. I usually have to move it about 50 meters forward(still covers the wall) just to give us more breathing room from enemy spawn. They then build 2 walls and call it a day. Just turrets and weapon lockers from there. How many people know razor wire and spike walls spread out from your last ditch fab location is the best way to build? How many people understand the importance of decoys? How many people understand a fortification that draws aggro is no good if you are right next to it. How many people set grenade traps? The list goes on…honestly I think the wall glitch has done it’s damage. No one understands tactical gameplay. Not yet at least.

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It is certainly a problem. Especially as stated above, when someone thinks they need to shove the fabricator at the very back of a spawn and there’s way too many people who do that. Although what’s worse is the people who put the fabricator at a central point, leaving no breathing room whatsoever. Especially on maps like district or asylum. Even if you know nothing of engineering I still can’t comprehend how anyone can possibly think that’s a good idea.


Peeps. Bad joke, sorry.

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Haha no probs…just looked and thought ok whats this then🤣

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I been sat ere 5 minutes thinking what the hell am I missing

It’s because there engie so they automatically know best.
I just let Them get on with and just laugh to myself when it goes to ■■■■.

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I work with this kid that says that all the time. She can’t read an analog clock either. So annoying.

Nice LotR quote, so true :+1:

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I can tell you as a legit military warfare nerd it’s the complete opposite of a military tactic. You would never want to be boxed in. If you are you are dead.

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Played some Horde on Bunker. They always build up in the middle. Always ended bad since enemies were coming in from all sides.

Made my own game and took fabricator to the spawn points. Still not a good run because of random players who don’t know the mode well but it worked.

Made the same experience on Harbor.

There’s different approaches to being successful- there’s no one definite strategy imo.

What definitely doesn’t work is giving yourself too little space to build and move -I‘m seeing this on district a lot for sone reason.

You’d think fighting a Carrier in Gears 4 or 5 would teach you that. If you let the thing box you in you’re probably dead. Then again, you don’t really want to be cornered by anything, to a degree. I might be wrong but wouldn’t you prefer to cover an area where you know you won’t be getting shot from every angle so at least your backs are covered from any potential attacks? While still leaving options to get out if the position is compromised, of course.

And I’m not really a military expert by any stretch of the imagination. Most of what I’ve learnt of it is from videos and games, none of which I can really know if it’s accurate or not besides some of the terminology used(if it’s accurate). And I don’t really have plans to serve in the military anyway. Some of the things they go through there… less than great from what I hear/know.

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I find it odd when it doesn’t get put in at the end I rather see the enemy coming from one direction instead of several the problem most have is lack of patience where if they don’t see an enemy coming at them they go a searching for one to get some kills if people just play there spots a lot of games would finish but most people want the useless MVP honors in HOrde

Most of the time I see people putting the fabricator in spawn, it’s been to keep the Swarm spawning on one side of the map instead of in both of our spawns. Gameplay-wise, I understand why it would work; no chance of enemy fire coming from three sides. But, then you run into the problem where your only escape option ends up being through the enemy.

I prefer doing something like building in the one bunker on Bunker, where you have decent cover and several escape routes. Then you just throw spike traps on entrances and some turrets to cover them. Still, it’s best not to rely on it, since a Warden or Matriarch is just going to end up destroying everything when you camp in there.

I’ve actually managed to pull it off a few times but it basically requires lockers with trishots so 4 of the 5 players can have unlimited trishots use to cover the ramps