What is everyone’s rank in gears 5?

What were everyone’s ranking in gow 4? I know it doesn’t matter now, but I wanna see where people’s skill levels are and where they’re being placed.

I was an onyx 2 in koth and tdm.

Onyx 3. Might go back to 4 soon and try for Diamond

Onyx 3 in KOTH in Gears 4.

My friend who is Gold 2 in Gears 5 Koth was D4 in Gears 4.

Lol exact same. A friend was D4 and is now Gold 2-3

The system is either messed up or they’re using the first season as a way to set the standard. Bunch of onyx and diamond players for 4 are silver and golds in five. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Me and all my friends dominated all placement matches during early access and we’re all placed silver 2. So maybe early access messed a lot of things up since they were having server issues.

From my knowledge they haven’t addressed anything about MP, besides lobbies.

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Re-up 1 level 40

KOTH & Guardian Silver 1
TDM Silver 2 (not sure how i manged that)

I am sure i stay in silver. playing escalation this weekend and see how that goes.

I was never gold, onyx or diamond, so those are pipe dreams for me.

Does anyone else find the ranked team balance to be off since the update yesterday? The teams are always so lopsided now

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Diamond 3 TDM. Rank literally means nothing, the people in my games range from ‘borderline professional’ all the way to ‘Can barely hold a controller’

Honestly it’s incredibly frustrating, maybe I’m just impatient and the system needs time in order to balance matches properly. Currently though top tier ranked games are the same as quickplay.

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That’s good to know. I thought it was just me experiencing that. I’m silver 1

Still in Placement.


This was absolutely a deliberate decision to make sure no one’s feelings get hurt. So lame, can’t wait for devs to start realizing playing it super safe isn’t always the best route, and sometime players want some edge.

Knowing you, you’ll probs get a Bronze 2 placement, and struggle to make Silver 1. Silver 3 at most

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Sounds about right :joy:

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The amount of silver masters here…

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I honestly can’t wait to see where I rank in this mediocre game!

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Stuck in silver 3 currently in TDM. Playing solo is a pain, losing matches seem matter way more than your performance here than 4.

Diamond in 4.

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This is pretty much how Gears 4 worked too.