What is everyone’s rank in gears 5?

Aside from those who are still stuck in terms of progress, what is your highest rank? I’m curious to see what people respond with. I’m currently ranked diamond 1 in team death match.

I think I speak for 90% of us when I say “Silver 1”


Silver 1 on all except TDM, managed to get Silver 2 there. Yes, I’m a scrub now (comes with age lol)

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It’s really unfortunate that it hasn’t been fixed yet.

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Silver 2 in TDM.

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Silver 1 on KOTH, I assume we were all silver after our rank placements ?


Well since I’ve been playing Gears since 06 and I’ve been consistently Onyx in Gears 4, I can confidently say that I am a Silver 1 in Guardian.


Looks like i’m mostly correct

Diamond 2 on TDM, but stuck as Silver 2 in KOTH and Guardian. I swear once your rank is placed takes forever to rank up still don’t understand it.

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Silver 1 KOTH

Silver 2 TDM

Right where I belong lol… :grin:


aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m a silver 2 and silver three in TDM. I have a buddy that’s an onyx.

I’m in Wood 47, because I am the worst at multiplayer.

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Is anyone else annoyed that you can no longer see other people’s ranks in multiplayer? It kind of makes working on your rank pointless if you can’t show it off.

Silver 2 by the way!


the highest rank there is

I’m so annoyed.

Yeah I had 20k points in koth and hardly went up, had like 100 elims too

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How many points do you have? DO you know what the point break down is for each rank three tier? I know silver is 16000 which is 80% of the way to the full 20000

I’m annoyed by that too! I’m sure they’ll fix that ASAP. Also you can’t tell if someone reups or not. I reuped and now I look like a level 12 lol


Silver 2, And about 2% til I reach Silver 3 in KOTH.

Highest on my friends list is Gold 2 in KOTH.