What is everyone’s go to class on multiplayer?

I agree. When the game came out all the enemies had way more health and some enemies did more damage before both of those things were nerfed. Every class got really strong but the enemies didn’t. The only enemies that I find are difficult to deal with sometimes are Boomshot scions and anything that has a Salvo. The Palace Guards are difficult but I give them a pass because they are the best enemy in the game.


with Hordebuddy: Jack or CM
without Hordebuddy: Jack

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Could that just be because of pro-gamer skill level?

I can understand this, but at the same time, how would you increase the difficulty of the game without resorting to more cheap BS from the AI? Unless you are into that sort of thing…

I for one have never enjoyed getting insta-melted by spongy aimbot enemies that reduce the entirety of gameplay to hiding in a corner peeking to shoot one Lancer bullet at a time. Gears 5 took a massive step in the right direction though with for example the way enemy melees work allowing you to actually avoid them, for example.

Honestly the game kinda plays a bit like a Souls-like without the I-frames IMO, and to me that’s a good thing. Can be extremely brutal but with perfect execution can truly let you master how the game works and make it seem easy.


People know me around here for being a Nomad/Brawler advocate for Horde (they are already known to be good in Escape).

But if I am being honest, sometimes when I’m bored a don’t know what to play lol. If I am trying hard to win in Horde for example I’ll often go with Inflitrator or Marksman.

But I’m not afraid to mix it up, most of the time. I’ll play pretty much anything that isn’t an Engineer, Assault Rifle, or Explosive class. Which is funny because I often love ARs and explosives in other games such as Destiny lol. Just don’t like how weak ARs usually feel in Gears and I can’t stand the super limited ammo capacity on explosives. You might rarely see me play Tactician for the Infinite ammo in that case, but I will say that I also have a soft spot for Pilot. But not because of the Dropshot (don’t get me wrong it is awesome) but because I love the power trip of the Silverback.

Oh, and this. So. Much. This.


cheap BS is a huge problem when you are solo but if you have 4 other teammates it’s inconsequential. There was a time where I had an immortal kestrel but that literally only happened once in all my days of playing. Sometimes enemies shoot me in fear and I get downed but it almost doesn’t matter since I’m going to get revived anyways. Most of my PVE BS I upload is associated with a solo. I honestly complete forget the BS that happens in team games since they rarely lead to losses.

Also, A lot of people that say certain classes are OP are basing that on the easiest of game modes. If such game modes didn’t exist at that level, this line of dialogue would happen less.

For instance, I play mainly custom hives and Boss Rush. More times than not, I play Demo. I can’t relate to the thinking of “Demo is OP” because for the most part he is basically mandatory for the modes I play on this game.

I personally believe they should’ve added modifiers every 2-3 operations or so. One of my biggest gripes is venom speed for TC Hives. I would say the overwhelming majority of hives would benefit from faster venom.

Or on Ice Queen, they could’ve had a modifier… “More Matriarchs” or “More Wardens”.

The possibilities for horde and escape would be endless.

Edit: The PVE mode is still overall really good since it caters to the most amount of people but I’m always analyzing ways things can be better.

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Fair enough, and although I know that there is a tool tip saying Lone Wolves don’t last long, I still dislike having to depend on teammates to make up for weird stuff that happens.

Anyway, by cheap BS, I don’t mean bugs, but overtuned enemy health and especially damage. While default Escape is mostly OK, I’ve never been a fan of when 2.5 poisons take effect in Horde. I know that the enemies have to get some sort of upgrade to counteract fortifications and perks as well as taps can can somewhat counteract it, but still.

Oh agreed. Modifiers (minus the hidden enemy health and damage buffs each added one gives) would be way more enjoyable IMO than making a single Imago capable of downing the whole team in a single burst via poisons. Yeah I know, the thing shouldn’t be able to get that close when counting other stuff above, that detail doesn’t make it particularly fun though IMO.

The fact that he is nearly mandatory is the exact reason I personally don’t enjoy sponge spam-I mean BossRush but that is just me.

Definitely. That is bound to happen when different classes have different strengths and weaknesses catering to different modes. I generally judge viability on the ‘standard’ mode to play and honestly I don’t think class balance is THAT out of wack there, anyways.

Oh yes, certainly, and same here. It is unfortunate that there is no further dev support for the game anymore. At least it is still way better than it was at launch.

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Perfectly thrown flashbangs not working
A combo connecting perfectly not stunning
Concussion Boltok not working
A clearly Feared enemy still shooting
Ghost melee.


Or Shock Chain not connecting to an enemy clearly within range when you needed that Scion or whatever stunned/dead.


This used to be annoying when shock chain didn’t chain to different enemy factions but they fixed it. It used to be like if you were using electroblade on a swarm/locust/deebee it would never chain to a lambent or if you were electroblading a Lambent it would never chain to a Swarm/Locust/Deebee

Well, yes, but I am referring to those instances where it would not chain to an enemy of the same ‘faction’. By which I mean hitting one Scion while another is clearly within range and isn’t one that moved into range after you started hitting it(which I see as fair since it only registers when you start hitting something, rather than on each melee hit). You don’t want to know how often that screwed me on the Surge Master solo I did with BM when I came to the part where the Mulchers, Salvos and Pouncers spawn in act 2.

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One obvious positive of the standard mode is it has a lot of versatility to use all classes. It would be cool if all modes had that same versatility in terms of modifiers. I like Boss rush but you can’t simply bring any combination of classes to it. I’m fine with it since the classes I like work in that mode but if you enjoy a class like slugger, this mode wouldn’t make sense.

TC did an excellent job bringing up all the classes because some of them weren’t even useable in the standard mode.

It’s probably fair how things are currently in terms of horde since there are so many different modes varying in difficulty. Overall, everyone has something they can enjoy in this game.


Robotics is my favorite then the rest of the engineering classes

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  1. Infiltrator
  2. Striker
  3. Anchor
  4. Pilot
  5. Robotics Expert

Mostly in that order.


I’m not seeing Blademaster in your list. What a shame.


Slugger build I have been using recently I have been enjoying.

Lethal Preparations
Tough Skin
Impact Receiver
Power Shot
Grenade Capacity

Having a bunch of flashes (that can regen to a degree) good, raw immediate damage, shotgun stun, an ult that can turn the Mulcher and Tri Shot (and possibly other things) into a nasty piece of equipment and really good perks (damage, damage resistance, grenade regen and ult feedback) which make you reasonably tanky (62 percent damage reduction to most things that are nearish to you, can shrug off Sentinels, hit pretty hard, can keep getting more Flashes without having to buy them or grab ammo, ability to pump your damage a lot and being able to get your ult even more often (granted, you can easily get by without the perk but hey, it helps)

You can also plant Flashes in your base to help cover your team and give some to teammates too. Also, the Claw is a great weapon for this thanks to good base damage, no falloff and reasonable accuracy.

You guys gotta give it a try.


I just prefer Striker! I like the option of falling back and sniping too much.

Maybe if you invite me to one of your matches with the others you guys can finally pull me over to the dark side!