What is considered eliminations for Tour of Duty?

Topic. I need a lot of them to get the Kait winter skin and I’m confused by the wordings.
I understand executions are lengthy animations and I’m not sure kicking them quickly on the ground counts.
I wish TC would provide definitions.

So do you want to know about executions or eliminations? There’s a difference between the two.

Eliminations appear to be kills and assists(counted in any mode besides Campaign). So long as you shoot an enemy and that enemy is killed before it recovers all of its health, be it by yourself or an ally, you will get an elimination for it.

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Elims work on all modes for ToD; Escape, horde and versus. Both kills and assists count as an elim.

Kati winter skin is locked behind the Xbox controller or the Xbox one bundle I believe

I see said the blind man. I was wondering why my elimination count was going up when I didn’t get a kill.

No, that’s the Ice Kait skin. Winter Kait skin is for Tour challenges