What is a PC Aimbot Hacker?

I have recently seen this term show up more and more lately,it’s said it’s a PC thing by cheaters,so what is it and how can you spot it and is there any defence against it?

Can’t tell if you are trolling or being serious.


That’s my reaction to most of your comments…


I’m very serious about this,what’s the point of this forum if you assume everyone who ask a question is a troll,this punish everyone mentality now adays is the new sad norm! I tried looking it up frist a found no helpful awnsers,so i was asking here,guess that might have been a mistake…

Dude, you have to understand that this is a really sarcastic community. I asked my first question here several months back. I forget exactly what I said, but Tony Hayabusa also gave me a very snarky answer. And I honestly found it hilarious. It’s nothing personal bro. just get used to it.


Now that i think of it,i mostly get stuck in games that waaaay more quitters then cheaters,i really don’t know which is worse.

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Yup. Cheaters are actually pretty rare

You are such a clown, David


Hahah! I try!

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I will have to tag onto this post because honestly I have no clue what an aimbot is at all. I have seen videos of aimbotters and videos of people claiming aimbotters but if I ran into one I most likely would not be able to identify them as an aimbotter.

Also have to agree with the OP about being called a troll on every question. I mean honestly if you think someone is being a troll then why even bother responding to a post you are already suspicious of? why not hang back and see if the OP is genuine or not or even just hang back full stop lol. I don’t mind sarcasm and being made fun of but it is annoying to see someone come here and ask a question and be made a fool of or called a troll because these forums are here to help other gears and while I think a good laugh should be had along the way I think answering the question should come first. Pet peeve of mine.

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If youre looking for cheaters all you have to do is play a little social. SO MANY CHEATERs, watch out for this Armoured JD guy, crazy how he hasent been banned yet.

You can ID a hacker by watching their screen (after you die) and if their aim “snaps” to a target rather than panning, it’s an aimbot program.

Problem is, 99% of the allegations are false. It’s not hard to predict where someone is going to move or hit cover in Gears. If you have a monitor with a crosshair you can pre-aim without peeking so that as soon as you pop up you’re shooting the target. Xbox users can do that too with a monitor.

I hear my friends accusing people of cheating all the time, but I’ve still never actually encountered one.

There was a vid about AngryFPS above. He’s legit. I’ve faced him a few times and got him to miss shots. The only problem I had was a couple times when I flanked him and shot him in the back and he took no damage. But, that’s not his fault, that’s just Gears.

a pc aimbotter is the sweatiest mofo on the planet

You two just can’t keep your hands off each other huh

Hey everyone…

So on this board, we do not discuss these kinds of exploits on this board. If you feel you are being abused by someone using these kinds of tool. Please, please, gather video proof and you can send a DM to @CoalitionGears on twitter, or PM a @forum-mods so it can be properly handled.

Thank you.