What interface its better to play Gears of War 4 , DISPLAY PORT or HDMI?

Just what the title says, I’ll appreciate the help = )

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If you have the option for display port, to my knowledge it’s always the better option.


thanks @staindgrey , I was confused on this.

Thanks for the help.

If you’re using a high FPS monitor, display port typically allows for you to run higher FPS than HDMI. This is dependent on the monitor. If you’re running very high frames, the cable itself comes into consideration as not DP all cables are adequate for high frames + high resolution.


I see, so in this case it would be better to use display port and if possible to buy a good DP Cable so it can hit high framerates correct ? = )

I’d have to know your specs. What’s your monitor capable of? What resolution are you running the game at? What frames do you expect to achieve? When I ran Gears 4 at 4k/60fps,HDMI was fine.
When I went to 1440/144fps, I had to use DP.
When I needed a 10ft long DP cable I had to buy a special quality cable for about $35 that could transmit that bitrare at that length. Standard 10’ DP cables were losing data and suffering drop outs.

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A simple Amazon basics display port is fine don’t believe salesmen or the uninformed about quality difference in IO cables.

Use DP always over anything unless you don’t have access to an IO for DP in that case use HDMI 2.0. DP will not transmit audio to the screen.

DP is always the better option… or at least that’s what she said.

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This should have been the accepted answer


You need some education on the subject. There are specific ratings for the amount of data they can transfer. You’ll see it degrades over distance so the same cable will get a lower rating, the longer it is. For an Xbox, it doesn’t really matter. For demanding applications, like running high resolution and high frame rates, it does. You can see it manifest in drop outs.


Depends on your card and monitor but most likely Display Port.

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thanks stroke gameplay = ) Ill use display port.

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Uhn, no…

When I switched to the one X and a 4K tv my old hdmi cables weren’t enough anymore, had many display issues which went away after I got better quality cables.