What in the sovereigns name is this?!


Oh sorry I was watching Netflix earlier


Lol they should add a power weapon in the game that reduces ping

That is the world comming together
“And this is what it’s like when worlds collide!!!”

That man is the most powerful man on gears… He can freeze time with TCs Lag comp

I’ve seen numbers like that… When was this scoreboard? Because I’ve had pings of 2-3k when joining/leaving a match.

It’s a combination of two things.
Quickplay has some ridiculously low standards for it’s matchmaking parameters (just find anyone, who cares about pings, regions etc) and the new ‘faster matchmaking’ toggle being switched on in the options.
TBH, not sure if that affects quickplay, as everymatch of grid iron I’ve played has had super bad pings. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to switch it to ‘low ping’ anyway.