What in the blue hell has been going on with the servers in the last 48 hours?

The last 48 hours have been some of the worst connections I’ve seen in months. Absolutely unplayable. I’m in masters and diamond 3 lobbies and the games are so lopsided it’s crazy. It wasn’t like this 3 days ago.

Anyone know what’s going on? Or know of a loop hole where I can get into a match with a decent connection so we can have at least a playable game?


I was going to bang out the rest of my 5000 Versus kills yesterday morning for the TOD medal, but I was point blanking Swarm left and right it was just whiffing.

My ping only showed as 75, which is a bit higher than I’m used to playing, but I’ve also played on pings of 150ish before when I was in a “bad lobby.” What I was experiencing yesterday felt twice as bad as the 150 ping experiences that I’ve had, and I’m not even exaggerating.

I gave up after 2 minutes in a KOTH as it was just unplayable.

I found the same in horde yesterday. I was lagging and teleporting all over the place. Playing with same friends who are all Over the world but usually that doesn’t happen.

Also a friend who was the host in Scotland said his ping was unusually high and kept jumping up and down.

Maybe the upcoming DLC!? :thinking:

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It’s weird you say it wasn’t bad for you three days ago cause I was lagging super bad last Wednesday through Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday was fine for me.

Mine is usually15 or so and now it’s constantly at 175 or so. Also whoever thinks there’s an advantage to this trainwreck connection is barking mad. This game is nigh unplayable at high ping.


I went from getting MVP in diamond 3 and master KOTH lobbies 3 days ago to not even being able to get a simple cap in KOTH currently.

I played 3 straight games today in KOTH
(Diamond 3 and master lobbies) and none of the teams I was on was able to get a single cap in KOTH.

All unplayable connections , no one speaking English in a single lobby. Getting kicked out of lobbies randomly and losing rank

It’s bad man

Some weird consistent things I notice too when this happens…

  1. The scores are always lopsided towards one team …like ridiculous deviation
  2. The worst player score on the winning team is always extremely close to or identical to the top player on the losing team. ALWAYS

I’m in Florida with a hardwired 20 ping

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