What I'm looking forward to in Operation 5

With OP5 being only a few days away thought I would try and stoke the flames and see if I can hype myself and everyone else up.

  1. Less Quitting. Boldest claim I’ve probably ever made, how could anything impact Quitter of War 5? Well the quit penalty (called community service or whatever) in Ranked sounds super harsh and I doubt you’ll see as many people quit intentionally as a result, as for PvE being able to use duplicates/whatever character you wish will probably go a long way to decrease the amount of quitting, no longer will you see people fighting over x character (mostly Clayton lets be honest)

  2. More aggressive gameplay (PvP). Long gone are the days where two people could stop an entire team from entering a hill, long gone are the days where people could make it to Diamond/Masters with just slowly bot walking around and lazering you across the map, I am aware that most of the changes won’t come til a bit after OP5 release (dev playlist) but I highly doubt they’ll go back on almost anything they’ve decided already. Gears 5 will be closer to Gears 1/2 where “setups” weren’t as much of a factor and I didn’t have to worry about every hill feeling like Normandy. I probably won’t bother with Ranked til the changes go live (I have some stuff to do in PvE anyways) but still looking forward to that classic Gears experience coming back.

  3. Meta Changes (PvE): for some people change is awful, for others they accept, crave it, thrive in it, that’s me so no surprise :joy_cat:
    Will Lahni/Mac become the new “OP” class? Will JD/Kait actually not be top 5 for once? Will the band finally get back together again? These are questions that I’ve been wondering about for a few days now. New challenges/opportunities are ahead of us and I wonder if I can overcome them.

  4. Scorcher = :fire: = fun: don’t know how much more I can go into detail about this but in terms of long term implications/consequences Scorcher is probably the most important thing since launch, it’ll impact every mode (except Campaign maybe) and its just awesome to watch grubbies burn in pretty flames. Just as an off-hand suggestion y’all better have a Flaming weapon skin for it (Master rank skin) or I might just have to do something about it.

  5. Daily Challenges: I’ve been begging for more modifiers in Horde for months now, finally my prayers have been answered. Giving Horde players something to work towards every day and to shake up the meta further with a random set of modifiers is a really cool concept that will give folks another reason to enjoy some Gears with friends. If I want to nitpick I would love it if they offered a “Master+” option where you could increase the amount of modifiers on even more, but regardless I got what I pleaded for and I’m a very happy pony here :slight_smile:

  6. Mid-Operation drop will be massive compared to previous ones: I know this may not be on most people’s minds but think back to OP4 for just a moment, It was awesome for the couple of months but over time definitely went downhill due to nothing sizeable being released in the middle. Nobody knows the extent to the Campaign DLC, if its as big as I hope it’ll be (new enemies, new weapons, new characters, etc.) it could be huge and have franchise altering implications, if its just doing the bare minimum where they just create some levels and have cool cutscenes related to Hivebusters and some new characters then it won’t be too significant in the long run but regardless it’ll still be a big difference compared to what we’ve seen in prior Operations.

  7. Maps. This is probably what I’m least excited for so no surprise its on bottom of my list, but I do think its a nice touch and especially for Versus I’m very excited to see what we’ll be getting. If the new maps are awful it’ll hurt the operation entirely, but if they’re good (possibly great) it’ll be awesome to play around with new layouts and just enjoy new sceneries for a change of pace. :pray:

I have my worries/concerns like everyone else but nothing can stop the HYPE train lol.


I can definitely see the Blademaster becoming a Meta Class with OP5

  1. Lieutenant Baird.
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Mac might be top dog in escape TBH

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yeah 80% Bleed 80% Dmg from Adrenalin Junkie plus a potential 200% from Headshotkills with the new Legendary and on top of that 50% more Damage when using the Barrier sounds super OP for Escape

I’m about 99% positive the scorcher won’t be in escape with them not adding anymore hives…

They’ve said they snuck a couple scorchers in to some hives. Hives went unnamed to we’ll see where they are once the escape players start finding them


I for one can’t wait for the TOD content or should I say future store content. Here’s hoping Kilo Squad Baird is actually in the TOD and not in store

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Well that’s honestly exciting then! I didn’t expect them to do that.

That’ll be a lot of fun

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I know its honestly really exciting. Now I can finally fulfill my fantasy of burning Marcus in the ■■■ with a scorcher as Ben again


I’ve never gotten to experience such a thing. I’ll be sure to try it lol

  1. Badass Clayton Carmine skin :sweat_drops:
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That Clay skin looks sick, I hope they call it Commando Clay or something like that.

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To add to this they also put Scorcher on some PvP maps as well, like I was saying easily the biggest change I feel.

God I’m gonna have a field day with this thing

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Not having to be forced to play specific characters to use a role. It may not bother many at this point any longer but I never accepted the “hero” system and hope it never returns in any Gears for as long as this franchise continues to exist.

Reup changes and better rewards for them even if it sounds like they won’t be there when Op 5 launches.

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I wonder if it will stun the matriarch like it did to the berserkers?

I do like that change. I love playing engineer but I don’t like playing as Del. I actually like the no duplicates rule because that gives us a reason to use the other characters outside the meta. Shame that’s going away.

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Didn’t actually stun them but make them vulnerable to gunfire. Not sure if this’ll happen with the Matriarch as it seems they want players to shoot into its back… except for the explosive users or Fahz using X-Ray, that is.

I doubt it. That animation isn’t in Gears 5 is it? I doubt it’ll be anywhere near as effective against Matriarch as it was against Berserkers.

I’m just really curious if Kait will be able to oneshot Scions on The Line with the Longshot. Those damn Scions.
Also, what happens when she pops the Blister on the Swarmaks back? Same reaction as Fahzs Freeze?

At least in Gears 1 she flailed around for a few secs before going back to attacking.

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