What if they made The Fenix Collection cross platform?

Only thing I found on youtube was older spiderman games on xbox. Nothing about the modern spiderman games (ps4/ps5) coming to Series X. Sony holds spiderman very close to the chest. Doubtful any modern titles make their way to series x

you have no idea how many times ive clicked this thread wanting to say “Obviously it’ll be cross platform between PCerdos and Console.” only to then be reminded that it’s talking about PS. It’s been like 20 times.

Any excuse to mention those god awful PC players!

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PC isn’t the issue. PC already has Gears. The OP means to put Gears on Playstation.
Heresy I say.

A bit later but I’d like to throw out my hot take that I think “The Marcus Fenix Collection,” is a lazy name and if they did do something like the MCC it would pain me to see such a boring naming convention for their remasters.

Halo it makes sense, Chief is the main character. Yes Marcus is the main in G1-3, but Gears would not be the same without Dom, Baird, Cole, Hoffman, Anya, Jack etc. Kinda hoping they go with something else. No bland “Ultimate Collection,” or “MFC”

Hope they call it the Mad World collection or something like that. Something that pays tribute not just to the man on the cover, but the incredible and diverse cast of characters that made Gears stand out from all the other over-the-shoulder “gritty” military shooters at the time.

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