What if they made The Fenix Collection cross platform?

Would people be offended if the collection went multi platform to build the player base going into Gears 6? We are seeing Spider-Man cross over to Xbox. You have PC players already, I don’t see a problem with PlayStation players learning how great this series is.

This will never happen.


It’s not a matter of being offended or not, it simply won’t happen.

Why? For the first time in perhaps forever, Xbox has the upper hand against Playstation courtesy of GamePass, meaning zero chance at all of them giving up on their exclusives.

As someone out there would say, “nothing personal, just business”.


Dude but Gears 2 on the Switch :hot_face:

Obviously Microsoft isnt going to sell the rights to one of their biggest/most iconic IPs — but this would be a legit dream scenario. Anything that increases player count is good — this would boost the hell out of it.

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I wouldnt mind it as it would boost the player base significantly-BUT IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Idk that it would never happen. There have been a couple Sony exclusives that are now on Xbox, or coming to Xbox. I believe cloud gaming will change a lot of the exclusive titles, but I could be wrong. I think this is the best if not only option to get Gears back to where it once was.

This isn’t up for discussion. No. Gears of War is exclusively for Microsoft platforms.

Next you’ll be suggesting Mario gives Xbox a go.

which ps exclusives are coming to Xbox?? never heard that any of their exclusives are coming to us

MLB The Show

I think most well adjusted people wouldn’t be upset if an exclusive game went to other platforms. But the real question is “Is it feasible?”. Games like Halo and Gears are a big draw to the gamepass service. Having them on other platforms would diminish game pass subscriptions. Unless you could get game pass on Playstation and Switch which is doubtful because both Sony and Nintendo have their own subscription services.

Also getting anything newer than an Xbox 360 game to run on Switch properly is a pipe dream. Only option there would be game streaming.


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I could not find any info that confirms this. I assume you mean the Spiderman game that launched on the PS4 a few years back? I know Sony has been drip feeding their exclusives to PC but haven’t heard anything about any of them coming to Xbox.

Edit: I see that MLB the show is coming to Xbox. But that being said, its not exactly a system seller like God of War or Horizon. Don’t know anybody who bought a Playstation for MLB the show.

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What did PS buyers ever do to you for you to want to make them feel and suffer as we have at TC’s hands and incompetence?

You’re a mean dude! So so mean haha!


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Need some noobs to come in vs all sweaty matches lol

Urm, where is Spiderman crossing over apart from old BC titles?

This is why I supported gay marriage 20 years ago when the law was passed over here in Belgium: Yeah I support their right to suffer mariage with the rest of us.

Why should be offended? I want an option to only get matched with players using a controller, but that’s different to not wanting a game to be released on PC.

Supposed to be the latest one, and releasing a Spider-Man themed Series X. I saw a video on YouTube of it, not sure when it’s set to release.