What if Ops 3 fails to deliver?

If Ops 3 does not meet the players base expectations, will this be the key for you guys to quit the game altogether? Maybe take a long break from the game? For me, if they do not add a new Horde Variant like an Arcade version or GOW 2/3 Version, I’ll probably be leaving the game for a longer period of time. Perhaps even uninstall it. I don’t even think if Griffin comes into play, that will help the cause and make me keep it on my system.


Man I quit because I got busy with work and Christmas and just couldn’t push myself to keep playing

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OP 3 needs to deliver big time.

We need at least 3-4 standard MP maps. Some can be remakes, but NOT from Gears 4. They must be from the original trilogy.

More Hero’s and Villian’s. Since the entire game seems to be built around this system, we really need more variety for Horde, Escape, and Arcade.

We need a new mode/variant. I know Overrun would require mode specific maps, but honestly, that was one of my favorite modes in any Gears game, I would love to see it return.

Great TOD rewards. Get ride of the banners, I am willing to bet there has never been one equipped ever, these feel so pointless. Make the TOD filled with Iron, animated weapons skin sets, and great character variants.


@T0NY_HAYABUSA its a psychological and emotional difficult question you are asking me…

Let’s put it this way if OP3 doesn bring at least 4 maps , the arcade mode for horde , then I think Ill still play Gears 5 every now and then… however I would be thinking very hard to migrate full time to GOW 4 and 3 definitely.

Its difficult for me leaving the game… its part of me , I can’t let it go.

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Most Gears players are not on these forums and will be happy with whatever Operation 3 brings.


I mean I’ll do tour no matter what and whatever medals I like. I hope they bring Sanctuary back as far as maps go, and I hope this new PvE mode is good, if it’s not I’m not gonna quit though.

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Dont get your hopes up, Tony. If you wanna leave might as well do it now, we all know op 3 will be full of gears 4 maps, campaign characters, and paltry amounts of “new content” drip fed to us over three months.


Oh I’m not getting my hopes up for sure. Doom is a few weeks away along with RDR2 still and The Division 2 expansion, I’ll be busy playing those. I played a game or two with Clown here and it reminded me why I don’t play MP. Legit recorded a clip with me diving out of the way and the player completely missing me and I still got killed, and he was shooting me at my feet while I was in mid dive nonetheless.


Doom and Ori and the Will of the Wisps…

we are gonna have games to play with !!!


Well, even if Operation 3 doesn’t deliver everything I hope for, it will at least give us 2 or 3 COG Heroes (including a possible additional 3rd one mid-operation maybe?) to level up and card-grind for; and a few new Escape hives over the course and maybe a couple of Horde maps to master.

But to be honest, I think the boat has sailed on this point and the damage has mostly been done. At most Operation 3 will provide a short-term boost for GOW5 but within a couple of weeks everyone will have turned off again.


On some level (hopefully not all levels) it will be a disappointment.

There is too much that needs putting “right” and the 3/4 months TC have had would not have been enough time.

I also think they have proven that their vision for Gears 5 is pretty different to Gears 4 and what most of us Gearheads were wanting.

I really dislike their vision for 5 (to be fair not entirely all of it) and think the best we can hope for is some new (Or legacy maps we have not yet seen) maps, please tc! and some skins.

I’m not sure we will get returning modes or Horde “lite”, although I could see that happening.

After all that, to answer the OP. Of course I will be playing. I will always be playing.



Replace “if” with “When” :stuck_out_tongue:


My daughter needs me more then (Gears 5) whether operation 3 is good or not I will keep playing it,when I get the time,Sadly,New games are getting very expensive.Hoping thou Tai Kaliso makes the list.

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Exactly. It will probably move up some spots on games played but after a few weeks it will decline again.

Tony, stop lying. You’d go through hell and back to get your homie Griffin


Honestly, id be happy if they add a few decent MP maps and figured out why this game feels so laggy at times. But im not counting on either of those happening.

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The truth its that Tony @T0NY_HAYABUSA won’t ever let go of Gears of War…

he no longer lives in the matrix… he lives on the real world. he doesn’t have a choice anymore.

You trippin homie. Lay of those mushrooms. Fact is I played 1 time since December. With the games coming out as you know, it will be even longer.


I think most people who are going to ditch Gears 5 have already ditched Gears 5.

Plus, let’s face it, if you’re still playing Gears 5 now after the launch abomination and lacklustre OP1 and OP2, well, OP3 could be abysmal (likely) and then OP4 will be the one to save Gears…until it doesn’t and OP5 is the saviour and so on.

And there are a few like me I suppose, couldn’t care less about Operations, just want a fun game to play. How long will we keep waiting, and will we even know or care if it ever happens?


They have long gone since the early days… people in here are going to stay no matter what happens. without a doubt.