What if...? (Gears 5 edition)

This is a mini-game where you answer the above question and post another what if question, then the next poster below does the same thing as above.

It can be about anything Gears related. For example, what if Dom was alive in Gears 5 or what if Kait became Queen… etc.

Remember to keep it civil and fun as possible. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll start off.

What if Blademaster never had melee bleed?


Seems fun!

Lahini/Blademaster would never have brought a knife to a gunfight then!

Here’s my ‘What if’ question:

What if Marcus had taken Queen Myrrah as a POW instead of stabbing her?


I’d burst into flames at the thought of my Queen being imprisoned, but at the same time it’d be interesting to see how she’d age as well as how Reyna and Kait would react and how Myrrah herself would be knowing her children would soon return.

What if Gears 5 was an upgraded Gears OF WAR 4 like it was supposed to be, free of RB chainsaws, executions on B and terrible omens?


I guess it would be a Call of Gears game.

My question - What if Hivebusters was a main campaign and Kait’s storyline never existed?


Then it’d be a terrible bland Call of Duty style story.

What if Beast Mode 2.0 existed in place of Escape?

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What if we had Wingman in competitive instead of 2v2 gnashers ?


Then we wouldn’t have teams trying to boost ego with top #10 Escape leaderboards on every hive and instead have competition on Beast mode leaderboards… :roll_eyes:

Knowing TC, we might have cards for each Swarm / Locust / DB enemy types which I think would be very interesting… and it would be a more fun mode than Escape, letting us play as Warden, Guardian and so on, while Horde and Escape character gameplay were almost the same, controlling human character. We might have Beast mode tiles and map creator. It’ll probably be much more fun than Escape has been.

Then we will see more Versus players showing off and flexing screenshots of timers going past 1 hour, and wondering why they are wasting one hour of their life, just waiting.

What if one of the achievements required you to kill 1 million players in Ranked for 1 Gamerscore?

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This would be fun, of course the players who live with their parents and don’t work would obtain it a lot quicker

Q: What if neither Carmines died? Would Clay be different or would they still be serving?

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I think he would have still joined the COG, seeing as the fate of the world was at stake. They needed all the help they could get and encouraged everyone to serve if possible.

My question is:
What if Anya never died? What would have happened to Marcus? Or JD? Would their second child be alive too?


And then TC is going to abandon it just as hard because it doesn’t work with the general MP maps because of being based on the tile system.

What if epic still owned gears of war?

Then even less people would be playing…

seeing as how EPIC made Judgment, I don’t want to think about it

Q: What if Carlos Santiago was still alive?

What if Gears 5 launched with half the updates we have today for PvP and PvE?

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Continuing the discussion from What if…? (Gears 5 edition):

get with the program, don’t ignore my question :weary:

What if the saga ended on tactics :thinking:

Then the squad would be Marcus, Baird, Carlos and Cole.

Marcus was always closer to Carlos than Dom. Only after Carlos died Marcus and Dom became very close.

Dom is second-fiddle

Not really. Marcus and Carlos are closer in age. Also Dom is younger and he enlisted after Carlos died in Aspho Fields.
The common tragedy brought Marcus and Dom together. But then Marcus was a frequent visitor to Santiago household while growing up. Naturally he was closer to Carlos because they were the same age. Dom was like a baby brother to him.