What I’ve noticed

A lot of people in this community do not know the difference between destructive criticism and constructive criticism. Which do you think the devs will take serious?

There is no excuse for the current state of the game, but verbally abusing the devs will not get us anywhere. Take a step back, voice your frustrations in non hostile fashion and things will get bette. They always do. No gears title started or ended perfect regardless of whether you want to admit it or not.

Also, stop torturing yourselves. You know the game is a cesspool of problems currently so why put yourself through it? There are other games in the meantime. Consider the money you’ve spent an investment, continue to provide good feedback and real solutions to problems and we will be alright.

As far as I can tell boys, we can only go up from here!

They don’t really care about fan forums in general. If it’s a commonly complained about issue then they take action. Some of the things they ignore due to the hassle it would cause them like character lock on horde and ensuring ranked pvp stays region based. These things are hassle for them and it’s nothing to do with constructively getting your point across. TC are a big company and they will fix things as they please unless it’s something they are getting absolutely tormented by fans with and I think it’s irrelevent if people give them abuse as it will neither speed them up or slow them down. It’s quite clear they are on their own schedule

Agree with OP on being constructive, but I would also say maybe focus first on things that are clearly bugs/glitches, vs opinions on design.

The reason most any devs weigh design decisions carefully based on majority opinions is it’s the only way to be halfway sure it’s what most want. It’s hard to assume a majority on their official forums equates to the majority of everyone who’s bought the game, it’s a gamble really.

On bugs and glitches I think we can all agree most dev teams these days don’t play test well enough pre release, so it’s a constant frustration for end users. On design matters though is where I think there is far too much hostility and bully pulpit practices on the forum to stir anger.

A good example of the above is Ubi’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. They spent a lot of time listening to fans, and planning the game, and tossed in a few requested features, only to completely ignore the importance of quality AI and game design. It’s both bugged and poorly designed.

What I’m saying is, too many requests for features often fills their heads with a mindset that all they have to do is toss in a few little things here and there, and contrive an illusion of appeasement. You need to let them know from the get go you want core traditions of a strong franchise upheld, and keep the quality of the work. There’s way too many devs that only listen to the bells and whistles requested, because they think it will set their game apart from the rest. At that point it’s easy to lose Quality Control.

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Well said

uhm, that’s a nice theory, IF we were complaining about BUGS in the game…

For me, virtually all of the things which make me want to scream at them are game play elements which were put into the title on purpose, after careful consideration, and a decision that it makes sense to sacrifice the experience of fans like myself in favor of trying to make the game easier for new players to get their 6 kills per match.

That’s the type of stuff which makes me want to go “TC, go forth and self-multiply”; there is no polite way that I can express the feeling of utter betrayal which guides my reactions on this topic.

One thing I forgot to mention, is well before Breakpoint came out, fans on the Wildlands forums were going crazy requesting stuff like weapon skins and such, saying they’d pay ridiculous amounts for them, which is a big part of the reason Ubi monetized the crap out of Wildlands and filled most of it’s year two support with meaningless stuff.

One can only hope Ubi comes to their senses after the reviews of Breakpoint are at best 6/10, but once the easily impressed fans open that Pandora’s Box for them, they’re hooked on easy money.

There’s tons of players that so much fall in love with a franchise or specific game in it that they lose their minds and don’t realize how destructive what they’re saying can be. Trust me, it’s not just hostile criticism that does harm, it’s loopy requests too. The pendulum swings both ways.

I don’t play MP anymore, but most complaints about Gears 5 MP seem to be on things like weapon nerfing, but it’s impossible to know if those are coming from casuals. There’s a fine line between a legit complaint, and wanting those easy 6 kills.

I understand your frustration my friend and have my own as well but it is not a theory, nor does is it isolated to bugs in a video game. Being destructive will never work as well as being constructive and this expands across almost anything in life where cooperation is needed.

Screaming at them does very little outside of letting them know there is a problem, they acknowledge it, but are unwilling to work with you because of obvious reasons. However, you present the problem in a civil way, offer real solutions and suggestions, and that sentiment is echoed across the community. Guess what happens?

Progress takes time, I have faith they’ll make it right.