What I hope to see in Gears 5 (in no particular order of importance*)

*Even though order of importance isn’t being used, I’ll start off with the most important:

Make Gears 5 less online dependent

  • Gears 4 heavily relies on internet connection. The most obvious being that Horde mode requires a user to be online (although I think a Silver Membership is ok). However, there’s more. You can’t even fully acces the customization menu. You can only change your character and starting weapon skins in the pre-game LAN Lobby. You can’t even UNLOCK characters offline. Achievements aren’t properly tracked in the War Journal. Any achievement requiring multiple weapons, maps, collectibles, etc. require you to remember what you completed so far. Play to earn rewards also rely on internet connectivity (obviously). That’s about it for this point.

Improve the gore in Gears 5

  • Basically, make it like Gears 3’s gore (with better textures, obviously), but keep the animations you improved upon in Gears 4.5

Prioritize old dialogue for legacy characters, while treating new dialogue as additions

  • Self explanitory, but to add to this point, characters should not share very specific dialogue with one another (Marcus and Oscar saying “Time to tear s**t up!” or Gary Carmine and the generic Gears saying “Pop goes the freakshow!” Marcus should have the first line, and Gary should have the second). I’d also like to see further improvements on the Carmines (assuming they make it in). I like the changes now, but Anthony shouldn’t have quotes from Ben, like when he jams (“Come on! Not now!”), or when he lands a headshot (“Oh yeah! He’s toast!”)

Our cards should carry over to Gears 5

  • At the very least, our characters should transfer over.

We should be able to craft any event characters and skins we unlock

  • Any character we get from a special Gear Pack (assuming Gear Packs return) or some other event should be craftable if we unlock them.

Make Horde skills more consumer friendly

  • Let us unlock these skills, with the option to unlock them another way (kinda like Doom 2016).

Better matchmaking

  • Other people can explain this much better than I can, so I’ll just leave it at this.

That’s about all I can think of.


Yes, the game should be able to function offline. It’s not right for it not too. Also relying too heavily on an online connection to access so many features only leads to future issues with saved data, in past experience anyway.

The gore from Gears 3 should definitely be restored, it was far more satisfying.

I agree with the dialogue, Anthony and Ben’s dialogue has mixed in Gears 4, that should be changed. As for Oscar, Marcus is pretty much the main character of the entire franchise, he shouldn’t be saying any of his lines. It’s an insult.

You should be able to select one Black Steel character to transfer over, if you ask me. Just one.

Nah, they shouldn’t.


It won’t happen at all. TC would lose money for them and the esports seen. Everyone can stop asking for their skins to carry over.

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maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get an emblem for playing gears 4 :smiley:

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Nah, screw that. Unless they have us traditionally unlock these characters, I wanna see them transfer. Odds are, they won’t, which will be crappy.

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They won’t.

If they did, I’d be pleasantly surprised.

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Maybe not, but I can dream.

You can dream all you want, but @T0NY_HAYABUSA is correct. It would be a net loss for TC. Which is fine. I’m looking forward to some fresh skins.


I agree with characters and weapon skins to transfer

I don’t agree with transferring characters even though I do have some rare and exclusive stuff. If anything if the characters return from this game to Gears 5 then just make it easier for those who had them e.g. diamond gear to obtain. Just an example.

I want it to be how it used to be, level up to unlock characters, complete challenges to unlock characters and weapon skins. Gears was perfect, my favourite is Gears 3 because it was all round a perfect game.

So many options, campaign with 2, enabled to play with 4 on arcade, story dlc, variety of multiplayer modes, characters and weapon skins. The majority were unlocked via progression and not money or a grind for virtual credits to still possibly not getting what you want.

The multiplayer was fun and challenging at the same time, Horde was fun and didn’t feel like a grind just to have enough credits for when packs do come out.

Personally if TC have reflected on Gears 3’s aspects for improvement, I’ll be very happy.

I’m not totally against micro-transactions because it does give players that maybe don’t have enough time to unlock certain characters. Just like griffin, for people who missed they challenge they have the option to purchase him whenever they please.

I know this was long and a bit over the top but oh well.


ABSOLUTELY Gears 5 needs to be more playable offline.

I cannot stress this enough.

A rogue’s gallery of bosses in the campaign, similar to what they did in Titanfall 2.

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I hope possibly they bring back, at least for pc, a map editor mode, since Gears runs on the unreal engine 4 engine and UE4 is free I could make some pretty sick maps for custom map. would be cool if we could like they let us do in gears of war 1 on pc. But ya that and more weapons, modes, executions etc.

This is what I got from a lot of the community on what they wanted to see in gears 5 from the top 10 most commonly mentioned features they wanted