What I have observed

This is honestly what I have observed on this forum. Gears players on here are complaining about new ways they are getting killed. They are getting mad and what nerfs on weapons or meele just bc not everybody is using the bloody shot gun all the time. They don’t like the change , they want everybody to use the shotgun. With the lancer I was told stop using the lancer and go fight up close , I don’t like the ranged attacks. Or with the knife they complained bc I killed them with it and called it cheap. It’s kinda funny you can’t demand nerfs on weapons just bc you want it to be a shot gun fest. No one complains about the one hit shotgun does. It’s like some people don’t want the game to progress , they want it to be a gnasher fest which nothing is wrong with that, they should have a play mode for that. But to complain about the game bc the lancer is better just bc you don’t like being killed from long range. Just what I think, I may of not explained myself the best hope you understand what I am saying.


I have observed you don’t use paragraphs.


While yes most Gear fans dont like change (as seen in the old Epic forums when a new release came out)

The thing with the lancer is that it was changed from a bloom to recoil system. Which would be fine but the gun doesnt recoil enough to justify this change.


Yeah I am not worried about that , typing on my phone last thing I am trying to do is pass a grammar test from HS.


Suggest you go back to cod perhaps…im a horde player…but in verses this game was built on intense close shotgun battles…I’ll put it like this…put gears players in a cod game they will probably do ok…switch it round and i dont mean lancer/flashbang fest…i mean the game as it was meant to be played and your getting owned…simply because skilled verses takes a long time to perfect…playing cod doesnt in my view


Lol this is what I am talking about. Like get off your high horse dude. I use both weapons lancer and shotgun. I hate COD

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Plenty Wrong.
This game was built under the golden rule.

Take cover or die

What most of the gnasher Purist don’t do


Was referring to the close quarter skills required to be good at verses…cover based game i know…but lancer is king in this game

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No high horse here, just an opinion…not saying im right…just the game as i see it…to be fair if they could sort out servers n stuff for ranked/competitive…then both players be it casual or competitive could enjoy it more


Ive played all gears titles and especially enjoyed the versus modes. What I like about this game is the fact that the gnasher is not all powerful.

Your positioning and choice of equipped weapon depending on the encounter now is key to success.

The ability to switch quickly between your shotgun and lancer now is more important than ever. I like this change.

The flip side to this is that people camp and hide more now than ever though.

Gears has always revolved around shotgun combat. Other weapons have been support weapons. I do not disagree with that meta as that is what separates gears from any other 3rd person shooter available. Weapons were always situational and you needed to know when it was appropriate to use them. Lancers have always had thier uses as a primary but were not at a point where thier existence caused the camping you see today. Pistol has always been underutilized but the pistol used to swap out faster than an lancer which was ideal for hitting a downed player from.cover outside of execution. Now with the delays you might as well just swap to the lancer because it takes just as long.

The only exceptions to this were power weapons which everyone gravitated to as they would ultimately sway the battle in the teams favor. This created an environment when people would fight over the location and encouraged action by the player. The current hide and seek meta is boring. The reason why many compare it to call of duty is because that’s the type of game play COD encourages.

@ExcaIibur lol well played.


It is so cringey to see this. Please stop. I also despise this common response. Right up there with “YoU MuSt NoT HaVe BeEn GoOd WiTh ThE GnAhSeR ThEn”


Not everybody who doesn’t like the weapon tuning is a Gnasher purist. For example, I don’t mind some of the tuning, but the lancer is too strong from what I have observed. No, I’m not a rusher. I’m a situational player. If someone gets to close you switch to the Gnasher, if you get to close and no longer providing covering fire for your team then you switch to the shotgun for close quarters.
The lancer is a mid-range weapon and should not be dropping in 3 shots from close range. The shotgun should always outpower the lancer at close quarters except for when you’re being chainsawed.
However, that’s not to say that the gnasher isn’t over powered as well. I’ve been downed from mid range when it’s supposed to be close quarters.
That’s neither here nor there though. I’m not a pro by any means but I can see how the weapon balance is way off.

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with map buildeer im sure someone is going to build a hall way just for gnasher battles to get their fix

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stop lying/exaggerating. its takes 10-12 shots to down with lancer. getting 3shot is something the claw does

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No im not that good at verses…but even i can see it aint aimed at the gears community imo


You should also observe the declining player base. Soon it will just be you lancering bots in a corner.