What I believe is half of (and somewhat unjustly) why people hate Gears 5

Alright everyone. This is going to be a long one, as I’m about to take you down memory lane of my short existence. (All in paragraph form, I assure you.)

When I was 10 years old, in 2010, I got my hands on the original Gears of War for the first time. (Yes, I know, millennial very bad, I don’t care what he has to say, he’s not a gears vet!) But just bear with me here. I was drawn to it originally from the cover art: A large man holding an assault rifle. Ah, seen it. But a large man holding an assault rifle with a ■■■■■■■ CHAINSAW ON IT! Buy me this one mom!

So as soon as I arrived home with my new prize, I popped it in my Xbox 360 and played it all night. Then all night the next night. And then I came to the final boss fight with Raam. And for a week I was stuck there. At that age, I was very bad at video games, but I was determined. I loved this game so much, and I wanted nothing more than finish the game. So I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and finally, I beat it. I was ecstatic. I went and told my older sister what I’d done, my little brother. And that was the night I truly fell in love with Gears of War.

My young ■■■ went though and played the other installments in the game religiously, of course, but never played online. (The last sentence is very important to where I’m going with this story, so don’t forget it :wink:.) I loved nothing more than to come home from school and play through one of the Gears campaigns again, as they were always breathtaking, and never got old in my eyes. I even put over a week of playtime into Judgement, if that explains how much I loved these campaigns. When 4 came around, I finally did the unthinkable: played online… and it is as meh to me. So I went back to only playing the campaign, which after about a year, that got old, surprisingly enough, although I’d completed it about a dozen times. But that changed when Gears 5 rolled around.

At the launch of Gears 5, I popped it in, downloaded, and played through the campaign 2 times. Loved the story, the visuals, everything. It was missing the grittiness of the original games, but I got over it. Something weird happened though. I got tired of playing the campaign over and over. I went back to play other campaigns, but they’d all gone stale. So I stopped, and starting playing Call of Duty. And when CoD got stale, I made what I think was a great decision: I came back to Gears 5 to give the PvE/PvP a chance. And I was blown away.

PvP sucked, and still does no doubt, but PvE. Oh, I’ve become a horde/escape addict. I love all of the depth to the modes, having characters with skill cards that can be upgraded, ultimates that can at times be the difference between your team winning or losing. Everything about it just took my breath away.

But no matter how much I enjoy it, I constantly see players bashing Gears 5 PvE mode because they “Can’t play any character they want”, or “It’s just not the same as Gears of War 2 and 3”. And that right there, is the problem. People don’t hate Gears 5 because the gameplay mechanics are inherently awful. They hate it because it isn’t their Gears of War. Not the Gears they grew up with. I may not understand the Gears of online play of old, but I understood the campaigns very well, and that’s why I was turned off by 4 and 5’s campaigns was because they weren’t the Gears I know. And while old school PvE and PvP players despise the new PvE and PvP mechanics, I love them, as I never did get to experience old school online Gears of War!

I do hope this has helped to clearly shed a light on what some of you will call this games “flaws”. As has been said many times before, TC is looking to bring a new audience into the Gears franchise. I’m an example, as they brought me in with a very fun, exciting PvE mode, and now that I play online, I spend money in the store, just like they want. It’s just the order of things. To you ‘06 vets. TC is a company, and they’re going to do what they have to to ensure they make money from their games. And part of that is acquiring a new audience for their games. So you may hate it, but odds are it’s never going to go back to exactly how you all remember it, because times are changing. They’ll obviously still try to somewhat please you. (For example, lancer and gnasher tuning. Holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■!) But if you’re unwilling to adjust at all to the way the game plays now, and will only accept old school gears of war, I hate to tell you this, but odds are you’ll never get that same feeling gameplay again.

Now I did say only half of why people hate the game, so here’s the half that I think is more than deserved anger towards TC: Lag. LAG LAG LAG LAG LAG. This game has terrible servers, connections are awful. This is something that cannot happen in a potential Gears 6. It just can’t, or the franchise will almost certainly be put on ice. For those of you who play PvP almost exclusively, like I play PvE almost exclusively, I feel for you. I know it must be awful. This part of the game is more than enough reason for people to show disdain towards Gears 5, no doubt, and I understand that.

I know this was long, but it’s just something that’d been running through my head at work. I’m sure a lot of you will eat me alive whether because of what I said, or because I made you read for 5 minutes on a topic you may not like. But I hope you’ll give it a chance from someone who’s point of view is in contrast to the majority on this forums community. Thank you!:smile:

PS: I typed this very quickly, so I apologize for any grammatical errors.


You’re too young to be a millennial; You’re a Gen-Z zoomer.

Sorry, I stopped reading after that distraction.


I’ve never considered there to be a huge difference between the two, except I walk rather than Fortnite dance when I go from place to place

I figured there would be a few who wouldn’t want to read, and that’s ok. It’s just me venting out my thoughts and preparing for the backlash lol.


This is kind of something the community is already aware of. But Gears 5 is still a flawed game it wasn’t just the empty experience. It had a terrible launch, the lowest character list in the franchise, it’s still buggy and needs Constant patching and with every patch comes a break, etc etc.

The games probably not going to be back on its feet until OP 5 or maybe even OP 6. I’m sure by then it’ll be a more solid experience. TC still needs to up the content, especially on the PVE side of the spectrum.

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I somewhat outlined these things at the end of my post if I remember correctly. I flat out stated that the buggy mess this game is at times is not ok. I don’t believe Gears 5 is perfect, but it can be fun if people would stop treating it as a failed gears game, and just enjoy it for what it is.

I agree. But TC is partly to blame for this. They never give out enough info for players to actually work upon leaving everyone confused and annoyed. Not to mention whenever someone does get their questions heard it’s misinterpreted and answered with either another question or something completely off topic.

TC needs better communication


I think you’re absolutely right, and I should have mentioned that in my post. If they were more straightforward with the community, I feel like it could prevent some of the community’s disdain for them, even if only slightly.

First of all, most 06 veteran players are long gone from Gears.

Gears 3 was the last in the series, that I knew people from Gears 1 who were still playing. When Judgement came out, they either briefly went back to Gears 3 or moved on to something else.

Gears 2 lost a lot of original players too (it gained new ones from people who never played the first though). It was just poor compared to Gears 1. At the time, all the people I knew went back to Gears 1, including myself.

Gears 2 would have been a flop if it wasn’t for all the hype and looking forward to a sequel. It’s like one of the Transformers movies in many respects. Made money but was pretty bad.

I don’t care what anyone says, Judgement, Gears 4 & 5… are flops. Catered to a casual market.


Yes I understand that they were games made for casual players. I feel like I mentioned that in my post. What I was trying to get across is that’s the reality, and I just wish people would look at Gears 5 as any other game, rather than a failed Gears game. If not taking into account the countless bugs and glitches, and ignoring the fact this is a gears title, I believe it’s a very fun, enjoyable experience, at least in PvE. I’ve barely touched versus so I won’t comment much on it.

Yes I know I said not taking into account the endless bugs and glitches. I know that those do technically make this a bad game. I’m more looking at gameplay elements, and the creativity behind some things, like escape. Creatively speaking, I think escape is wonderful. The process of cutting out of a pod, looting weapons and ammo, and then escaping is so enjoyable to me. In horde, they added more depth to something people already loved before. Sadly, most didn’t enjoy these changes.

This post was just my thoughts and opinions. I understand most no one will see eye to eye with me on these forums. And that’s cool. I don’t mind. I suppose I just wanted to share my thoughts and play a sort of devils advocate.


I never played launch gears 5. I heard how it was a broken and money hungry mess.
I recently bought an xbox one and had game pass, saw the ad for It and said why not.
I immediately jumped into versus and my first map was ice bound and I really enjoyed the experience. They destructible ice and the snow storms surprised me in a good way.
I really enjoy gears 5 as a whole package. I just feel like most fans feel jaded by how TC handle 5. There were obviously problems from the top down.
I do think that this community just like every other gaming community, they are hardcore fans who want the best for the game/series and there are a lot who demand a lot. Smash bros has one of the worst player bases ever. They will constantly send death threats to the producers when they characters they want do get in.

Yes. Gears was always a hardcore experience when epic was developing them. I remember in the original Gears of War campaign, playing casual could actually be somewhat difficult, but that just may have been my gaming skills back then, because if I play now I struggle to understand what I had so much trouble with before lol.

Either way, I understand hardcore fans just want their classic, gritty gears games, but if TC develops that type of game, they’ll bring in very few new players, and eventually the franchise will die. I’m personally the type of person who loves innovation in my video game’s, and I’m always open to developers trying new things that drastically change the way a game plays.

Just look at Cod: MW 2019. They changed the mini map functionality, the create a class, the movement. And I love the game. One of the best cods that has been released in a long time, in my opinion. And I think that has to do with the fact that it feels fresh and exciting. Not the same cookie cutter cod game, but something DIFFERENT. And it allowed them to almost certainly bring in new players, exactly what TC are trying to do.

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Read through your post and I have to say I agree with all of it. I’m also a millennial and Gears of War has been my favourite video game series ever since I played the original in 2009.

Gears 5 IS a good game (bugs, lag, other issues aside) and I feel a lot of people here make a massive mistake in thinking that this is game is objectively bad because it isn’t what they want from it (which is Gears of War 1, or 2, or 3 - depending on who you ask)

Gears 5 ins’t Gears of War 2006, it’s also not Gears 2, 3, J, or 4 - it’s a new game trying to do new things whilst paying homage to its past and for the most part it executes this really well.

It’s not a perfect game, but it is a really good game, and it definitely has the potential to become a great one.


Cliff Notes please?

Hehehehe I was 9 in 2010. Nice to see another youngin here.

PS…didn’t actually read the rest of your post, apologies…

I think your perception of the reception of Five is skewed by reading this forum. Very seldom will you find people writing out praise. People will take time to whinge (often poorly, non-constructively) and yes - of course - troll.
Ad nauseam.

I’ve encountered some bugs and glitches but nothing so severe as to break the game repeatedly, or that stop me from garnering literaly days (16 so far) of enjoyment from this title.


gear should be gritty, dark and visceral. Gears 4 & 5 in comparison to 1-3 looks like a shiny, unicorn on a pride parade. Yes the graphics are nice. but imagine gears 1 setting and design with 5 graphics. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, that would be spomething.

I mean you only have to look at how pony it looks in 5 when you blow someone to bits compared to how amazing it looked in Gears 1


I’m an 06 vet who still plays daily


I may make a cliff notes edit here after a bit :wink:

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It is true that expecting a new game to be the same as the old game both leads to frustration and misses the point of even having a new game.
It may be a mistake to see angry/frustrated forum members and think that they hate the game. They could have valid observations that they’d like corrected and are advocating for that the best that they can.
A lot of the people on the forums care enough to invest some of their time here to share their thoughts. Some do it better than others and some may be so angry that they go toxic, but I believe that passion usually comes from caring.
The game is many things - Campaign, PvP, PvE, Casual and Hyper-competitive. It is very very common for people to zero in on one aspect and talk about it as if it is the entire game. Where it gets really shaky is when hypercompetitive master players advocate for things that impact casual pve players and vice versa. That’s a big challenge to mitigate since whack a mole angry player is going to hear a lot of complaining from whoever just got whacked :laughing:

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Very true. I would hate to be TC right now, as it’s just impossible to please every single one of their players on Gears 5. It just isn’t possible. Yet they’re trying to do it, and that’s commendable, but by trying to please everyone, I feel they’re making things much worse.

You’ll have to share this reply with a couple of people since this is my thread, and it won’t let me respond multiple times lol.

@TC_Clown Yes it’s refreshing for me to see as well hahaha. In regards to not reading it, no worries. I’ll do my best to put out a shortened edit sometime soon and I’ll be sure to tag you in it lol.

@jamwater You’re right to an extent yes. But when I’ve played PvP (maybe 4 hours of time in there), it’s been an awful mess that I simply cannot enjoy. PvP has to have some things change, and I’m saying that with very little play time in the mode.