What Hives Needed For Escape Master 1?

Hello everyone.

For the Escape Master 1 medal, you need to complete 10 Hives. However, there are more than 10 in the game now. Which ones do you need to do for the medal? I don’t want to spend time working on one if it’s not needed.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

The Hive, The Hunters, The Wanderer, The Labyrinth, Venom Run, Last Stand, The Trap, Forever, The Clock, The Surge.

Those are the 10 hives you need to master for that medal(basically, all the weekly hives released in Operation 1). Better get working if you still need all of them because some will require a lot of trial and error to complete on certain sections and there’s just about two weeks left before the Tour ends.

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Thank you my friend.

And in many instances, a bit of luck!