What has happened to the Audio?

Am I the only one getting earholed multiple times per match b/c I cant hear footsteps coming anymore? Its gotten really bad imo since OP 3. Why would the sound get affected?


The only difference since OP3 for me has been a fish bowl sound has happened twice. I’d have to reboot the game to stop it from happening. It happened to @GhostofDelta2 and myself in the same match.

The directional audio has been really bad since Gears 4 and it’s gotten worse with Gears 5.

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@Krylon_Blue everything has been acting odd tonight. Loading into matches, and even match making itself. Just doing odd stuff.

From my experience Unreal in general has audio issues. I’m speaking from my time using it in college. I know TC has coders to help though.

@yeatersmive heard that as well. I’m only bringing it up as for me, it seems to have gotten really bad since OP 3 dropped. I cant count how many times I’ve muttered to myself, “I didn’t even hear him coming”. I mean right up to me getting shot from 2 feet away. Its usually from behind or from the side coming in at an angle that I dont hear them.

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I personally have not experienced a change in the volume of enemy footsteps. Nor have any of my friends I play with mentioned it.

I did however get flanked hard by one guy, at the time I genuinely wondered how in the world I let it happen. Maybe it happens with certain characters?

Lucky for you it’s only since OP3, its been like that for me since the start of the game.

The sound is affected by the connection. If it’s not in your favour then the sound is off

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yesterday i had a terminator and an armored kantus walk up to me and i didnt seem to be able to hear them at all

@spearian im on fiber to the router/hardwired ethernet. My ping is always single digits…or within a digit or two of single digits…

Same here mate. I’ve played round mates houses, all hardwired and I get the same thing on all there. I don’t get how the sound is so hit and miss in this game.

Yeah they definitely did something to the footstep audio. Whether it was intentional or not, it’s terrible now and players can waltz right up behind you. I haven’t really experimented with it very much to understand exactly what the problem is, but we need a revert on this. Hopefully we can get some acknowledgement here on whether it was tampered with. @TC_Octus

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Yea the audio is terrible I just don’t get why these things are not fixed

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