What has happened to Gears of War?

Long time Gears fan here play Gears more than any other game check my achievements on my original profile ChrisTheBearJew and my current profile. It truthfully seems TC has decided it’s cool to spit in the face of the fans that kept Gears alive to give us this hot mess that is Gears 5. They’re catering to new players and streamers aswell as Esports lancer scrubs with this new installment of Gears of War. They gave us Gears Judgment 2.0 with the release of Gears 5 and nobody cares cause all the noobs love it. Lancer fest hit markers less gnasher shots slow clunky wall bouncing you can see enemy placed grenades through walls. Why am I even a fan still?


Couldn’t agree more it’s sad what they’ve turned this game into


Played a couple of games and just turned my Xbox off


Gears was and is my favorite game series ever and after Gears 5 I’m a bit worried as to what they’ll do to it as time goes on. Gears 4 had its faults as far as weapon tuning but at its core it was still a Gears game that played similar to Gears 3. Gears 5 os a different story it’s Call of Duty meets Gears Judgment. To say the least.


AGREED! I said the same thing last night that this was Judgement all over again and I played Judgement for maybe a month before I just went back to Gears 3. Looks like I’ll be playing Gears 4 or no Gears at all. Since they’re trying so hard to make it like Call of Duty, maybe I’ll go play that instead. SUCH a disappointment.


Enemy nades can be seen through walls? Wow. Awful.

I absolutely miss the days of 19 round raven down. Leading your shots. Laggy players were booted from games and not given lag compensation to fill in the gaps. Guns that were balanced and not over powered. Maps that were meaningful and fun to play and not just cookie cutter BS made to be “balanced” and boring. A campaign that was about death and war and destruction and not an “inclusive ride to female regalia and pride”. Multiplayer that was about destroying the other team and not about paintball colored characters and skins and having banners of all 19 colors of the lgbtqrstlmnopvwxyz12345678. When Gears was Gears, and not just some gimmicky game that Microsoft bought the rights to and handed to a publisher that had never made a game before and struck gold and was handed a AAA franchise that they don’t know how to make.


I really wish they would listen to comments like this. It’s so sad to see such potential wasted on trying to copy and paste junk from other games instead of letting Gears be Gears.

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Those were the days

Gears is just a 1st party gimmick any more. I don’t get it. They try so hard to cater to everyone, instead of hardcore fans getting 80% of the game, everyone has to split 5% of the game because they want to be all inclusive. This isn’t a damn sandals vacation. We don’t want all inclusivity. We want Gears.

It won’t get any better. I lost hope a long time ago. They’re pulling this game in too many directions. It just won’t work. That’s why I played a lot of The Last of Us multiplayer when Gears 4 annoyed me. It plays like Gears 1 and 2. I love it. Can’t wait for TLoU Part 2 next year. It’ll give me something good to play while this game continues to fall into the hands of the high ping players and everyone else runs away from it.

They had to tailor to someone else because the old school gears community had moved on. As much as we can sit and reminisce of the old days, the fact is the player base left.

I’m loving the game.

Gears 5 = new casual players

Haven’t played multiplayer yet, but played the tech test… is it the same? Gnasher doing ridiculous damage? They to tone down some of the damage a bit. I think they eventually will. It has core damage and it was supposed to be between core and competitive but this is def leaning all the way into core.

I agree. Gears is unlike any other game! Why would they try to turn it into something it is not?

No, no they didn’t…but many will now. Glad they catered to your #weallneedattentionor we will cry generation.

We’re not talking lancer vs gnasher tuning. The entire game is a steaming pile of garbage. Gears 5 the fallout campaign??? I think they had to use every millennials idea at the game studio when making this game so no ones feelings were hurt. Went from getting seriously 4.0 to dead serious not getting one achievement in this game. Thank god for game pass so I’m not out any money for this. Maybe that’s it, a really bad game to push people into game pass. Couldn’t agree more dammitcrispin just don’t play gears judgment 2.0.


They need to fix the gear symbol when injured. You cannot see anything in the screen unlike the other games that gives us a chance to run or get a better view to react and defend. This game looks rushed and. Messy for online. Need to fix ASAP. Also I didn’t even idle on the screen I waited for my player to load and I got kicked ? Cmon Gears Community tell me Im not lying ? We got to let these idiots know so they can fix the game. Thought this game was for the fans not just all about the money. Keep posting and keep going they’ll change some ■■■■ soon.

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I’m pretty sure this by design for whatever reason TC wants it to be.

Play it, or don’t play it. Appreciate it, or don’t. Sorry man, I have fantasies of a perfect Gears game too but this is reality. We’re not 14 anymore.

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Man I think you have been sipping a little too hard from the nostalgia cup.

Weapons were never really balanced, they were just beyond inconsistent unless you had host. You didn’t have to lead shots either? I also remember most people avoiding over half of the maps in GOW1 because they were too big for strictly gnasher play or weren’t designed well.

I can’t really comment on the campaign since I haven’t even downloaded Gears 5 yet, but I never really saw it as the main attraction to the series anyways so it’s not a big deal to me.

Maybe try giving the game a chance instead of giving knee-jerk criticisms for a game that hasn’t officially been released for more than a day.