What happens when you reach Level 100 in Gears 5

You don’t get anything.

I have noticed that each levels in Re-up 0 were 1,000 XP. But Re-up 1 needs 1,010 XP per level.


Who did this…

Ektope obviously lol. Plus a few other people.


People really shouldn’t expect anything different lol. Would be cool if you got a exclusive skin or something though.


I wish I had that much time to play, I guess I get on when I can between work etc.

Anyway I would’ve thought there would possibly be a little unlock for this?

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I am not surprised you hit 100 this weekend. I mean after all, in RD2 you were like 400+ or something rather


Is re-uping actually gonna give some proper rewards or is it just a banner to show it.

No rewards for reupping in the tech test. Will be in retail though :slight_smile:

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Did you get a cool icon, or did your numbers color change or anything?

There was no cool icon and no colour change on scoreboard. But there should be in retail version.

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Will there be new rewards in next tech test?

No one knows yet. I would think it’s the same. Tech Test Banner, Lancer, Gnasher and Snub.

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This is just a TEST buddy. Don’t expect too much. But Congrats on the progress.

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I know for the tech test, just curious for the retail version.

Damn I respect the grind

thats true, and really disappointed…nothing happends…just nothing…

we played together in the tech test, Just wanted to say… Sorry for being a horrible teammate.But would’ve been cool if we got a character skin.

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Its just a beta/tech test, i wouldn’t have expect any rewards for lev 100. May very well be different in full game (probably will)

Now lev 100 in 2 days (cause lets face it, friday it didn’t work properly) is insane… did you slept or took time to eat? lol

100?! I came across some players last night in the 70’s and I thought that was ridiculous.