What happens when you get a headshot with Blood & Gore turned off? Exactly, we need more!

The current game’s special effects from turning blood & gore off are too bland. It makes the game feel too underwhelming & is anti-climatic. (blue _____ anyone?) It has a feeling of unfulfillment & makes the game feel incomplete, out of sync, and out of “touch”.
Here’s my solution a sonic boom effect, w/ the appearance of a web of ripples pulsating in water. You could also put a dent/depression in the opponent’s head the size of a sinkhole. (maybe not that big of
a depression though, when you get a headshot… maybe you have the option to combine these two effects in options. [Edit] maybe it’s now called “checking” sonic boom/ ripples effects and/or “checking” gore effects.).
Here’s what it’ll pretty much look like:

Slow motion water ripples - YouTube

Water Ripples - YouTube

The gore off effect is fine.

Pipe down chuck, this is the kind of innovation that will save the franchise!


Lmao he liked the comment :skull:

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… the entire point of gore off is that there isn’t supposed to be anything remotely gory visible.

Now if you want to petition TC for a ‘realistic’ gore setting instead of every body falling apart like they’re made of jelly or something, I’m all for that.


Maybe we could have it named something else with a check box to be checked. Checking gore effects in settings or/& checking sonic boom/ ripple effects.

Dunno. All I know is that I want gore effects to be more realistic, at least as an option, while leaving the overexaggerated gore where a Boltok or EMBAR headshot/kill rips the entire body apart is left in for those who want it.

Of course, I don’t expect TC to do this.


They should also add martial arts sound effects for future melee classes in GOW6. Like a tribute to old-school martial artists like Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen etc.


Which button do I press to disagree? I only know X to doubt.

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I believe that’s in issue episode number 16 of my “mint condition” thread of threads. (I actually never counted, but wanted to sound like “comic book guy” from “the Simpsons”)
I believe this could work as a series/sequences of button patterns that each person has to press faster than their opponent when close enough. (One person has to initiate it though)
Something like A, X, Bx3 (… as in times 3. Also atleast 3 button sets of 3 or more button sequences. All, during each one on one fight “death blow” sequence… or maybe not just one on one but more as a possibility.)
Also maybe this could be a Playlist of only doing that, and having chainsaw battles as the possibility to defeat your opponent. (In this Playlist, you must chainsaw Battle or do this fight sequence faster to defeat a foe. Why? So that you can actually finish what you started.)
Also body builders & powerlifters love these people… especially Bruce Lee. I’m loads of testosterone… loads of it right now. I believe more gym escapades/Jocks like myself love the idea & could be the majority “make up” of the stereotypical gears player. PS: it could happen on launch day or Bruce Lee’s birthday or something related happening.
PS: maybe the combos of sequences can be based on the one you equipped & customized and depends on who first initiated it!!!

Like quicktime events? Yep I’m sure this will revitalise GOW as a franchise!

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The game was built and balanced around the visual feedback cues of the gore system. Having an option to turn off gore is simply a courtesy to players who may not want to have viscera on full display in front of certain audiences.

The trend of players who choose to play with gore off as a sort of advantage to clear up their screen are doing so at the disadvantage of a less immersive experience. It’s a trade off.

The game is meant to be played with gore on, asking for a the advantages of both less on screen mess, but more immersion is unfair… at least in my opinion.

That doesn’t really matter in PvE. And if your screen is blocked off by gore to the point you can barely see anything else, there’s another problem at hand which is too many enemies on screen at once.

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It matters in pvp though which is his point. Or at least what I think hes talking about.

And my point is that just because of PvP, a feature or addition to an existing feature shouldn’t be excluded.

Other than that if you can’t see anything because of gore, you have bigger problems to worry about, and the way I hear it, people turn it off for FPS performance rather than visibility.

I dont care enough to turn it off. Plus it looks wacky when it’s off.

If Onslaught Act 2 with DR1 spawn on Xbox One consoles prove anything is that compromises had to be made in order for the game to run smoothly at 60fps.

I’ve had it off since about day 2 of owning the game. It was funny and blew me away in 2007, now it’s like the walking dead that Ive seen so many zombies the sight of them eating someone is just boring. Gears gore is like for me now. I don’t even notice or think about it now being there until I saw this thread. I’m perfectly happy with my headshot feedback.

I might turn it on again tomorrow and see what I’m missing.

Amazing! Another thread solved by yourself … yet again!

Ever considered conversing with yourself? Considering you solve your own threads there seems to be little point to posting lol.

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Don’t say that man! This guy is a visionary.

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