What happens when a player quits

So first of all my team get mad lag. And at the start of the 3rd round a teammate leaves

I mean there’s only so much I can do with the circumstances that I’m given…

Really needs to be harsher punishments for quitters

“What happens when a player quits?”
They leave the game. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Why they cant make it so you don’t loose any points if you complete an game with less than 4 players is beyond me.

Again why are there 5 players with awful pings and 2 with semi decent pings?? Surely everyone with the high ping is more or less in the same region, so why aren’t they being placed on a server nearer them as they are majority.
Bit like when I join a FFA game and everyone has a ping over 150 apart from 1 player.

150 ping

You don’t get to complain about anything. You’re part of the reason why Ranked is so ■■■■■■■ awful.

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If you are playing in stacks, and you go up against a hard team, one player in your team could intentionally quit and you all lose no GP.

To avoid ranked bans and also you don’t want to lose GP whenever you are going against a hard team,

Player 1 quits in match 1
Player 2 quits in match 2
Player 3 quits in match 3
Player 4 quits in match 4
Player 1 quits in match 5
Player 2 quits in match 6
All players in your team equally share the responsibility of quitting per hard match.

This is how this feature would be exploited.

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