What happened to the supply drops?

I know I’m probably late on this but I’ve been playing through horde 1-50 so much lately and JUST noticed that the supply drops aren’t around anymore. Anyone know what’s up because I’m actually confused.

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Since the scrap system was changed into the coins, i’m guessing the got rid of the drop system, don’t get me wrong it was awesome, after a hard fought horde or versus you’d go to menu and get given maybe a expression, a banner, a weapon skin, or even a mark, the idea was good but i’m guessing they didn’t want to give any more items since you could earn coins and buy whatever you like with them


This is correct.


I’m afraid I wasn’t specific enough forgive me. I was referring to the in game challenges that pop up every few waves or so. They just disappeared and I guess I never really thought about it or noticed til now. I took a long hiatus from gears before OP3

You mean the Supply Drops from Gears of War 4!? :thinking:

You mean the challenges in Horde in Gears 3 and Gears 4?

If so, no idea why TC didnt put this in 5.

I could’ve sworn they were in 5 before. I remember in OP2 getting the challenges up on screen. At least I think I do :skull:

Was it a operation 2 medal? Or was it the phat loot ribbon challenge?

Holy crap your right tbh I never noticed they were gone but they did used to have wave challenges that would reward you with two random supply crates at your base if you completed them. With the addition of weapons lockers in this it probably just seemed more like a redundancy.

They were never in Gears 5.

Edit: I am certain @BChaps complained about this.

Must’ve been on 4 then yeah. I Probably imagined they were in the game due to so many of the gears 4 maps being ported to the game.

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Either that or seeing medals or daily challenges pop up as complete

I didn’t really notice they were gone until a few months into Gears 5.

I like the idea of it, but people didn’t really do the bonus objective unless it was easy to do, or you got it just from completing the wave normally. Plus, the rewards could be mediocre, with Incin grenades for example. Sometimes you got Salvos and you were rolling though.

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How would you feel if it was always the same set of objectives, in the same order.

Like say wave 5 was “no one die” and wave 15 was “no one go down” and wave 25 was “complete in 3 minutes”

Players could know what to expect ahead of time and plan for it.

Then give rewards like extra card drops which would also make Horde more competitive with escape for gaining cards.


I didn’t really have an issue with them being in the game. I just would have liked to see them handled a bit better. The fact that most people ignored them after wave 8 made it kinda pointless.

I think TC said that they removed them for 3 reasons:

  1. Remove some of the randomness
  2. Nobody really cared about them on higher waves
  3. Power Taps became the new “optional objective”
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Clearly missed the mark on that one because taps are still complete RNG and don’t give you useful weapon drops to save power on if you get something good or to be opened in an emergency.

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I tried doing the objectives all the time yet every other player would just ignore it and try and finish the wave as quickly as possible.

I found a seller on eBay selling Gears 5 supply drops. Am I to assume these are fake? As this thread seems to state they don’t exist which is what I thought too …

I wouldn’t say they’re fake, just old and possibly not functional anymore. I expect they are old promotional codes. It could be from those energy drinks or something.

I’m just not sure what would happen if you tried to use them now. Normally these promotional codes have an expiry date so it’s possible they won’t even work anymore. Or TC have set it up so that anyone using an old codes just gets 1 day of Boost instead of a random supply drop item but then this almost becomes irrelevant as well cos everyone gets 1 day of Boost from logging in each day (apparently this is an ongoing thing so we essentially get infinite Boost).

They got… DROPPED from the game! :sweat_smile: