What happened to the old forums vets?

TAO Devil,
Respect vengeful,
Dark chaos,
Evil one,

and all the rest?


Evil One is a senior mod the rest not sure


I’d assume they stopped coming here for the same reason I did. Giving up on them fixing gears 4.
Why bother complaining to them about 5, when the previous time they didn’t listen?

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I know, I was there before he was mod and parasidian had to leave to work on the game, but at least he got a poster on district but Im wandering what happened to the rest of the old forum crew.

Forum vibe been different since Gears 5.


I’m here mostly to report bug/glitches since Gears 2, but I lost hope when I got no matchmaking on Gears 4 because… I never know the answer, but it was for my IP (Chile). Months relying only on LFG and that is boring and I get tired very fast because random players didn’t understand what I was asking and for what was the LFG (obviously written on english and players were english speakers)

That still happens xD You put " Need good players lvl 17+ master escape" and I got lvl 1 or 5 trying to get master medals for free…

Parasidian works for TC


Also I am still here and I am as old as them :stuck_out_tongue:


Well god bless you Ghost. I dont care who says what about you but you’re alright.


Oh damn, I used to occasionally play with Tao Devil in the Gears 2 days. He was friends with the people I played with on a daily basis. Haven’t heard his name in years.

Hey Ghost, I feel like I might have played with you way back in the Gears 2 days. Your name is really familiar.

Did you ever play with Black Winging or Boston?

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I have a few old forum members on my friends list play gears from time to time but mainly play different games most of the time. I think vengeful doesn’t play gears 5 at all. Btw I was Retrodeadmetal until I changed my GT into this one

Tao popped in here about a year ago

I remember TAO and Hooligunn their were quite afew vets back in the days, i miss them GCON days.

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haha remember all these guys, I was around as well since then (played GCON events, remember you UNE4K, you used to always have Minh as your forum avatar if I’m not mistaken) but I’ve changed my GT several times since then so yeah, not surprised no one knows me, I changed GT today lol cause MS granted me a free username change due to some miscommunication between their services, so I went from BraveHearts to iroNBorN, glad to see a few of you around, Retrodeadmetal is also a familiar name, def remember you too. :+1:

"played GCON events, remember you UNE4K, you used to always have Minh as your forum avatar if I’m not mistaken)"

That’s me always used Minh in MP too when possible, only recently got back onto xbox and gears, so much has changed… Still enjoy a bash at gears tho just not as much time to play now with a family and work stuff.

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Yes! I pretended Australia didn’t have cheeseburgers in one conversation with Boston and his mates.

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Do you know what Hooligunn is doing these days?

I think he moved from the UK to Canada and works in the industry as a community manager or something not spoke to him for sometime but still have him on my FL.

Indeed. In fact, it’s an understatement. People say, “It was the same thing during Gears 4”…
Uh,… no.
People had their differences. People still complained about rank. About the lancer. But, there wasn’t anywhere near the level of tension and resentment.

I’m thinking, the more time passes, the more it will chill. People will either accept 5 for what it is or they’ll move on and not be hanging out here.

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