What happened to the guns?

Lancer takes 17 shots to down now? gnasher does 70 -1 poinblank? I dont know if the game is broken or just awful servers which seems more likely cause everyone else seems to be just fine with the gnasher. What exactly happened to the game?


Still the same for me.

@Wave_NvK I agree with you. My team amd I are mainly horde players , last night like we usually do play a little bit of AI versus and the guns were terrible. Lancers were taking forever to down opponents and the gnasher well no words to describe it. Point blank after point blank and registering 0%. Even horde last night the lancers were useless. One of 2 things TC did tweaking which if so was a bigger mess up or the server like usually with all the 4xp going could not keep up.

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gnasher is the most used weapon and also the most problematic weapon of the game, no matter the distance you shoot or of which cover you fire, gnasher will always present fault of damage, there were moments that we used the gnasher at 1 meter of distance and enough 1 shot to eliminate the opponent, but there were times with the same distance, it takes more than 2 dribes to eliminate the opponent, this when we do not fire the firing and nothing happens

I’ve played since Day 1 albeit I was off for a year in between season 2 and 4, but the Gnasher has never changed for me, it’s all in how you use it. If it seems ■■■■■■ up, change up your playstyle, can’t expect the same results all the time.