What Happened to Slide Shot

Why do you have to exit the slide to actually shoot? I’ve seen other player report about this too. You shouldn’t have to redirect you should be able to get a shot off at least before you end the slide. I’m able to understand and get past the corner shot (even though it seems some players shoot as they approach the corner). But please do something about staying in a slide and not being able to shoot until stationary or walking.

It takes very little effort to cancel the slide to shoot.

Plus being able to shoot and slide at the same time would just be ridiculous.


There’ve been people doing it since Gears 4. It does take little effort but that’s not the point here.

There has never been a Gears game where you can slide into cover and shoot simultaneously.

Those ‘people’ must be on seriously powerful medication.


You must be a Gears guru then

I think he is misrepresenting how gears 4 technically worked…the speed on 4 made it seem like u can shoot and slide together which is what I think OP is referring to but in all honesty it was just hyperbouncing and shooting in between cancels Giving the appearance that u never stopped sliding

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This was always a core mechanic in all Gears games. It makes sense that it would be implemented in Gears 5 too.

They might be new to Gears of War.

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That is possible

Try setting your analog in movement in cover & turn it off…

Most the time players have PvP control schemes that normal players don’t have set.

Among a mixture of things…