What happened to new achievements?

McKenzie tells us we can expect a range of difficulty in future achievements coming to Gears 5. “There is a real art to making sure [achievements] are satisfying to complete even when they are quite challenging. Gears has a strong history of this — the 'Seriously’ achievements, for example — and is a balance we looked to continue with Gears 5 and will maintain in future updates.”

This was over half a year ago and since then we only got the very underwhelming campaign-achievements and nothing else.

@TC_Shauny can you confirm if you guys are done with achievements or will we see more 500G-drops ala Gears 4?

I would expect at least a part 2 to that Seriously, otherwise why is it called part 1 lol granted I won’t be getting part 1. But still

Yeah i though that was a bit odd Seriously 5.0 Chapter 1 would indicate a future chapter 2 atleast. As i dont remember any other gears games having chapters it was just like Seriously 3.0 or 4.0 etc that was it.

But tbf i would rather they did not add any more some of the versus ones are so crazy and just pure luck based and so specific like the arcade one and free for all dont need anymore achievements like those pvp ones :joy::joy:

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I’m sure they’re just hedging their bets. Gears 4 had an achievement for maxing the level of the “launch” Horde classes, but they never added any new classes. Same thing there.

It’s possible that Gears 5 expected a longer life cycle initially but plans have changed.

The delay of Halo Infinite could have been a reason for the XSX overhaul in time for the holidays, which itself could have been made at the expense of other long term games-as-a-service plans, which itself could have contributed to a dwindling player base and fastforwarded plans for Gears 6.

Only a hunch. I could be way wrong.

Maybe its just a typo lol

The achievement list isn’t particularly brutal at all, just time-consuming.

Try Left 4 Dead 1 on Expert or any Ninja Gaiden game, for example, and you’ll see that Gears 5 is a walk in the park.


Same as Gears, can all be cheesed.

Only hard when Karma is involved. Really not looking forward to Smegma 2 -scoreruns and Solo-trials.


I played with 3 others (randoms) in the level when you are in an airport (don’t remember).

At the start of the last “part” 2 of my “team” mates killed me and the other player. After that they lose. So next time the random and I killed the other 2, and we lose.

This happened for 15 minutes, until the random and I finished the last wave of zombies. One of the most difficult achievements I unlocked that involves skills and teammates.

About Gears, I just want to know when the part 2 of Seriously will be live. I doubt that TC doesn’t create a part 2, but I think that will be the last achievement (or batch of achievements) only for “Complete horde on every map” as an objective.


Partially. Well, my point was for doing it legitimately.

It’s permanently involved in most people’s experience. They games are absolutely brutal.

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I agree :joy: also a bit of luck with the enemies! I briefly remember the Airport level you’re talking about actually, it’s been such a long time.

One of the best games I’ve played though :+1:


I miss playing Left 4 Dead 1 & 2. I didn’t miss getting kicked from games for no reason though. That was abused daily and most likely still is today. I’m still missing one achievement from both games lol.


Normally don’t care about achievements but hitting 1500/1500 (or whatever it was after dlc) was a moment of pride in L4D 1 + 2.


Interesting read, now I’m 100% certain that TC staff don’t play their own game unless it’s work related. The one who created this insane and pointless grind had no clue at what he was doing… maybe it was Dana?

It would be interesting to see new achievements, but hopefully they’re created by someone who actually plays the game and knows what’s reasonable and what isn’t.

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I think for Gears 6 TC really need to learn the difference between a fun grind and just wasting player’s time. Other than the Re-Up part which used to be ridiculous Seriously 5.0 wasn’t a bad achievement overall but then we have the Versus Kills, Assists and Damage achievements which are just insane.
I didn’t know this as I came back with Op5 but apparently one of the guys said it would take 3 weeks to do the versus “achievements” which is just impossible.

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What do you mean by Dana not knowing stuff on his own game? I mean, he said he gets 100 kills per hour so he could do the grinding in 3 weeks, so it’s def doable very quickly if you are capable! /s

Woopsie, my mistake. Clearly he was fired because he knew too much about the game :smile:

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