What happened to matchmaking?

Just a few questions.
Why does my KOH silver rank get matched up with onyx/diamond after 10pm us standard mountian time?
Why after 10pm do I play with foriegn (mainly mexico emblems) with pings that jump from 60-250+ during the matches?
Why can’t I set matchmaking filters anymore?(quickest/best connection ECT…)

As thrilling as it is to empty clip after clip into someone.


Because there’s not enough people playing anymore for optimal matchmaking.

Pretty much this.

I find when I play after 8pm local time, you find a lot more matches with higher ranking players and the lower ranked players / casual players won’t be online much longer.

To be playing this game after 9pm is mainly for the hardcore, game especially well into midnight.

Chances are those players are in a very good 5-Stack by this point.

It’s always best to play in a team or else it’s whatever the game can find.

Nothings happened as such… Its always been ■■■■.

Except the Mexico part. This has been happening since launch and matter how many times we beg them to stop pairing us with these awful connections they continue to do so.

My experience is that, as the game has aged, I’ve been grouped with more players from Mexico. A year ago there might be a couple in a lobby. Now, there’s only a couple US players in the lobby most of the time that I play solo.

Also, if my squad leader is on the west coast I play with FAR more Mexican players than if I’m connecting to a friend in TX or on the east coast. In fact, it’s strange to me hearing English speaking players on the opposing team. I’d say it goes from 80 to 90%Mexican player base to about 50/50. I also play better on central and east servers because even though my ping is double, there’s not quite as many crazy pings from down south.

I know your experience in Chicago is different but that’s just how it’s been happening for me.


Fair enough.

For me in Chicago it’s always been lobbies full of Mexico players and it’s always a broken mess. The few opportunities I’ve gotten to play matches with no Mexico players has given me superb lobbies with very good hit detection. Once one Mexico player is thrown into my match the whole game breaks down.

The funny part is that a European player will NOT break a lobby for me because their connections tend to be stable rather than all over the damn place.


Same. I have a few friends with 90 too 120 ping connections and the ones that are stable are no issue. The ones that fluctuate are a nightmare.

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Which is basically the entire Mexico playerbase. :confounded:


Lol I play americans sometimes had so much messages of them calling me Mexican because my ping around 90-140 US servers from ‘Uk’ saying how much i sponge and just so toxic even voice mails… Thats when i search around 3am GMT. Or i get Mexucans sending me messages saying 1v1

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If your connection is stable then their likely just salty and use the ping as reference. It’s the high fluctuations that cause issues which is a huge issue with the majority of Mexico players. I’ve had less issues playing with 220ms Australians than I do with a 90ms Mexican. That in itself is so messed up.

The mater of the fact is. If you want to move up in rank. You have to play higher ranked players. And also there’s not many people playing the game anymore. So it’s either you play against Onyx or you sit in the lobby waiting for hours to play.

I don’t know what’s up with this matchmaking but there’s no reason I’m pinging so low and being paired with these high ping cheaters. How can you hover around 200ms all match and teleport everywhere while causing movement issues for everyone else yet think it’s fair? I don’t want to play these people because these matches feel really off. In fact, there were tons of ghost shots for my whole team, rubberbanding, players eating more shots than a clip can hold and so on. This has to stop.

I don’t even care about being placed in Gold because I am already back to Onyx. Every one of my placement matches has felt weird and something is fishy about it. I say to roll left and he doesn’t roll but instead walks as if I never pressed the input. The controllers fine though.


4 consecutive up As this evening and RT does nothing. I think I’m done here.

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There is definitely something abnormal going on because my whole party was feeling it last night. I’ve never played any other online game that actually affected my controls and at times made them unresponsive.

Edit: We played the other day and for several matches none of us could do a thing. We were all pinging in the 20-40ms range while the enemy was in the 90-200 range. Finally, we got a match where the enemy team was 70-90ms and we were all 20-40ms except for one teammate, who was in every other match too, had a 90ms ping for some reason. No joke, my friends gun registered EVERY shot with the 90ms ping. No random “wtf” moments and we all took note of it. The next match he was back to 30ms and his shots once again didn’t register. Come on now.

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False I have like 20 UK based players on my friendlist playing thats just UK most of them the same gamemode so loads of EU players still are playing. I Ran a whole 5 man EU on escalation. I should not be running into games where we are at 140 ping its stupid and neesa fixing back 2 how it was where you couldnpick server if your server is dead you then can decide if you want 2 play on other servers

Sure, but only if I can also turn off region hoppers the same way I turn off crossplay when I’m not playing with my PC buddies. It’s already annoying enough the game fills matches with high pings automatically but to allow players to intentionally search it? No thank you, the lag effects are real due to how this game seems to be programmed. :disappointed:

You know, reading this back after I wrote it really brings the point home as to how messed up this games logic is. :joy:

NoWell most games just go automatic US anyways ao everyone is region hopping? Plus the people with worse pings have a bigger disadvantage if you cant kill them maybe because they might take abit more shots just know on there side they are lagging and shot delay they have a bigger disadvantage if people are getting outplayed by people on 120 ping your just bad. Every other game allows you 2 decide what server you want 2 play on and Gears use 2 and allot more EU players was happy with that EU side of gears will just keep dying and dying because most games it forces US servers. So much better before when we could pick and more EU players liked that. I aint even going 2 pre order GoW5 will ask soneone if I can choose just 2 play on EU severs if not. It will not be the game for me and probably just ask my friend whos a gears fan if i can lend the game just 2 play campaign as Online atm is worse then GoW2 connections as most of the time it was EU players i played not US… lol

Theres allot more players playing on the wrong servers with this then region hoppers. US East playing on West. EU playing on US West/East. Dont you see allot more games where people have 90-130 ping then before?

This 100%