What happened to Lift?

haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but this whole operation I haven’t played on Lift a single time, I don’t even see it in the rotation when I play KOTH (disclaimer: I play lots of KOTH) and I just wanna know if its glitched or something.


Removed from map rotation because TC still could either not figure out how to fix the shutter glitch or was still working on whatever fix they had for it.


thx my guy, haven’t heard anything about it and was getting really freaking superstitious.

It got Lifted! :upside_down_face:


Ffs, nobody cares about shutter glitch, this game needs maps!

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Have patience folks.TC are “heads down” busy atm. They will get the map back up “soon”.

Yeah soon, next year will be good, be patience :slight_smile:

Be patiente, they working on it since two months, maybe a releash next year :slight_smile: