What happened to Gridiron?

Was looking forward to play an execution type game mode not king of the hill or team deathmatch.


They axed it from Ranked and Quickplay when OP5 launched. Although they didn’t give any specifics as to why, it’s safe to assume it wasnt popular at all.

I enjoyed it especially as a ranked team mode apart from King that I can play with friends. Now I can only play King with friends which isn’t my cup of tea.


I guess they messed the game up so mich at this point its only team deathmatch scrubs left playing. Maybe if they bring back ranked execution 4v4 theyll see an increase in player base


I’ve been hoping for more diversity in ranked.

So far it’s just king.

TDM just isn’t the same fighting with people you don’t know. FFA is whatever , it’s okay but definitely not a mode I can get into longer than a match. 2v2 is original but still want a mode I can play with my friends.

I missed going to guardian, king, Tdm with my friends & getting that additional exp for allies.

Now you have to play PvE if you wanna rank up which isn’t all that cool when you’re used to playing PvP.

I mean nothing wrong with PvE but everyone has their preference.


I would love the single life modes put back in like it was in a playlist.

I’d even take it in QuickPlay too

It’s a huge bummer. After Guardian was removed I would occassionally play ranked Gridiron because it was actually fun, but now they’re both gone so I’ve all but abandoned this game (along with most of my Gears friends).

Really cant wrap my mind around who these new updates are for. At this point they’re doing more harm than good but dont seem to care.

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They’re testing changes to Gridiron. Check out the mode in customs matches. You can tweak when the flag spawns (30,60,90, 120sec), among other settings. The goal seems to be to make it more like Execution, by having the flag spawn in overtime. The pro league has been playtesting it in UMG matches and it may get added to the esport. If this happens, I think we’ll see it back in ranked with these new settings.


Wasn’t popular enough and I can definitely vouch for that as I did try to play it now and again on ranked & could literally never find a game or it would take absolutely ages


That could be good. I don’t see why they couldn’t have left it for now though and just said it may change. What would that have hurt? It’s not like it’s some physical thing that has to be disabled to be worked on. They did the same when they removed TDM from ranked those number of months back. I don’t see why they couldn’t have just left it and said they were gonna have changes incoming. Instead they took one of the most popular modes leaving just Quickmatch TDM which was 1 round only and a large number of players, myself included, had a bug where the same 5 maps repeated with no other options.

I personally had no issues finding matches at any time but I did see a fair number of familiar gamertags suggesting the player pool wasn’t large. However, if you are not near a larger population region wait times could be worse.

Gridiron has gone man… It’s gone.

Yep im in the U.K. trying to play it and it took the piss, I ended up backing out most the time after 5+ minutes went by

I liked gridiron, but the meta that evolved in ranked wasnt good. Ppl just quick capped flag and ran to spawn. I wanted a single life mode that was an improved execution. In some ways, it was, but it needed tweaked.

After playing gridiron on the new settings( with the flag spawning in OT), I definitely enjoy it more. Especially coupled with the beta tuning, which compliments single life modes.

I feel the same way, that it was a faster, less campy execution but was tainted at high levels because flag camping became the meta. I hope some changes could improve that. That being said, I don’t see why they couldn’t have left it for the time being while they make the changes giving another option other than King when you wanna play with friends albeit with some regions being unable to play unfortunately like @WHEL4N was saying. Then add it with new changes when its finished,