What happened to gears!

Why do it seems like gears movement is totally different now??? Why do yall keep changing stuff swear yall making this game trash now!!! Than people with the worst connection have the better advantage ■■■■ be crazy when I watch my kill cam! They dont even be close to hitting me but its count as a hit!


While i agree gears has lots of issues… They’ve stated that the kill cam isn’t an accurate representation of actually what’s going on.

Stupid but true.

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Kill cams. Emotes and blood sprays are not even gears they should remove that junk instead of changing stuff that matters.


How they felt they could say that and be fine with it is hilarious.

Terrible idea, on the big pile of terrible ideas they brought to the table with Gears 5.


Yeah, if they know it’s FUBAR, why keep it that way?


I think some emotes should stay.
I like thanks and sorry. They’re handy when I don’t want to actually talk to people (which is always).
Blood sprays are a huge meh, they can get in the bin with Kill Cam. I swear the cam just adds to frustration.


People be thinking this game is fortnight.


Yep id rather player a n64 game then that cartoon junk.

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I keep reading that the kill cams don’t represent what happened, So why have them then? If they’re not showing you how you got killed they’re worthless. I turned the feature off day one anyway. They don’t belong in Gears!


Same. Any extra ways to communicate with other players should stay.

Blah blah blah blah

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I still dont get this. My kill cam is accurate. It 100% of the time shows me how I died.

If the opponent shoots to the left and miss by 5 feet and I die on the kill cam…that’s how I died before the kill cam replayed.

On my screen, my opponent shoots and misses by 5 feet.

So if the kill cam, which 100% represents what I saw on my screen isnt accurate…then nothing ever is.

Nothing I see while I’m playing is accurate. Of course, it makes sense because netplay.
The killcam is 100% accurate at showing how absolutely busted the game’s netcode is.

Good thing Ryan got out ahead of that early with that one off comment and people just took and ran, otherwise they might actually have to fix their ■■■■

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That may be right… The kill cam IS accurate but what we see while playing isn’t… Interesting.

I think I’m actually going with that now because it makes sense.

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Welcome to the club brubber

Play pve less of a headache


Just turn off the kill cam. Turned it off in my first game cause it felt too much like cod. Never needed it before, don’t need it now

Lol the beta playlist movement is even worse.
Unless thts wht you are talking about. If you arnt.
Dont play tht beta tuning. You think the movement is trash at the current tuning. Just wait til you play the beta.
Which is going to kill this game when it goes live next month.

So sad.

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turned off kill cam when i first got the game, very silly idea

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I suspect people are (willfully?) misrepresenting what was said.

Killcams don’t represent a 1:1 replay of what happened, because they AREN’T a 1:1 replay of what happened, and almost never are in any game that has them. They are basically an animated diorama of what the game observed - but in actual live play, there’s some natural fudging between what is happening server-side, and what is happening client-side.

So most of the time a “Killcam” should be basically accurate, but sometimes in certain circumstances it may not quite be accurate - because again, it’s not a literal replay of what happened.

Pass this information through the English <> Gears Community translator, and it becomes “wahahah they said it doesn’t even work, but apparently can’t be bothered to fix it”.


A wanna be CoD/Fortnite
Trying to get a place with 2 big name (shooter) in the industry.
Fortnite made so much money! They all want to make that much money!