What happened to Gears of War?

What happened to Gears overall?? Playing through 1-3 after playing 4 just seems like the game took a weird turn… Gears 1-3 sucked you into the game and made you feel things only an ex girlfriend could… So much energy story telling, dark cut scenes, dark overall haul of 1 - 3 but not 4 ( and definitely not judgement, which is garbo but let’s not go there ) Gears 4 didn’t feel legit for some reason didn’t seem passionate enough to me. I’m an avid Gears player and maybe I’m just nit picking but after Gears 3 feels like the downfall of Gears. I thought maybe Rod would keep it rolling after Cliff Idk I digress. I hope Gears 5 is better, but I’d rather see an aspho fields version of Gears instead of plummeting into the future.

Gears 4 has its moments. The arrival of the swarm is a nice addition.
Definitely more menacing than the locust.

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Different companies with different ideas EPIC GAMES made 1-3 and Judgement ( which wasn’t that bad ,it had the best weapon tuning of all the games in the series ,but what do I know ) and TC made 4 and will make 5 and not likely 6 ,Gears of war 4 has it bad moments but it has good ones too

The question is ,which way does the scale tip? IMHO its not even close

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TC happened to GOW


This game is trash why do i still play it

Idk judgement felt more like call of duty to me with the weapon swapping etc…

The problem is and this goes back to the days of EPIC ,is trying to find a balance for both the casual players and the competitive players ,Gears 3 was geared more towards the casual side and Gears 4 the competitive side ,they need to find a way to bring balance to both sides ,how they do that is anyone’s guess