What happened to Gears Multiplayer?

Forgive the realistic view on this and being an angry grampa, but Gears Multiplayer has lost its entertaining aspect of the game. Apparently the whole idea nowadays is that if you don’t use a Gnasher Shotgun when playing Multiplayer, your the worst person in the world for doing so.

Like, what the heck happened, back in Gears 3s prime everyone used all different weapons, executions and all the fun stuff which made Gears Multiplayer so fun. Now you might aswell just call it Gnashers of War: Multiplayer Edition and it’s honestly more of an insult than anything.

I miss this game, it was fun, wacky and cool, now it’s about as interesting as broken record. An entire generation of entertainment now truly lost. Man I miss the old days.

Well, you are. Begone, cretin!

I’m joking.

…or am I?

Anyway, I think the obvious reason that you feel there was more “variety” in Gears 3 is that there was 3 different Rifles and 2 different shotguns available as a loudout as opposed to every weapon being a pickup, save for the Lancer and Gnasher. It was simply less effort as opposed to having to travel/fight for the weapons.

As for executions I’d go with the fact they were more convenient back then, being on the Y button alongside the Curb Stomp. This is a feature I requested numerous times to return in Gears 5 via proper “function” mapping. It obviously didn’t happen and is missed. The Curb Stomp not having it’s own button is a disgrace and insult to the series.
Having the executions be on the same button as melee just entices people to quickly finish their kills with a melee attack, not usually having the time to hold in the button during the heat of battle.

All of these comments come from a massive fan of Gears of War 3.


The mechanics have hardly changed.

No. People who cross are fine.

I use my Lancer, Gnasher, Snub and Flashbang consistently depending on the situation. Not once am I not fighting for power weapons, even the more niche ones like scorcher and boltok.

Its always been like that, the weapon is far too dynamic.

Its really not that bad but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Its because the Gnasher is the main weapon in Gears. Like the Battle Rifle is the main weapon in Halo. Just wouldnt feel right if those guns weren’t the focal point. Its always been like this though. The Gnasher has always been THE gun in Gears. Second to the Longshot.

People used different guns in Gears 3 because the guns you started with could be chosen and the rifles were extremely effective in Gears 3 because of the stopping power. You get hit by a Lancer, Retro. HB and you’re done because you completely stop moving. Then the Sawed-Off. You just get killed cheaply by this thing from a player that most likely isn’t good. So it just feels bad to get killed by that thing. I ran into so many Savage Kantus/Classic Bairds using Retro/Sawed off combo back in the day.

All that being said, I loved Gears 3 versus. Every second of it.


It’s gnashers of war until you get a team that knows how to cross / map control.


You never get that team

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I was about to say…

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Not an 06 vet = invalid opinion. You know the rules by now.


Thumbs up just for this. Cool that someone used Halo as a comparison. Every game has it’s META competition weapon or equivalent. Some more than others but still. That is just how it is.

I don’t even really play much Gears PvP but I still recognize this truth.

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I am very much aware. But who’s to say he’s not?

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I think people wouldnt be so against the gnasher if it actually worked and TC fixed the connection/desync issues

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Right. I for one wish there was a hipfire cross hair. Judgement had that right IMO. Even though it didn’t always line up with the gun…

But that opinion is influenced by Halo, don’t mind me.

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That would at least give a visual que as to why you cant chunk someone through your bum while wallbouncing lol

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Gears is definitely different now than to how I remembered it, every match I ever played in the old days everyone use all different weapons and we did executions as finishers, it’s was a common thing, its what got me hooked on it so much and you only used your gnasher on occasion. (Not to mention there’s an execution for that weapon aswell.)

To bounce off walls like sonic and shoot each other with shotguns, honestly how can you enjoy that and not the rest of the games weapons and features. Sure it’s time consuming but you taking the fun part of the game away and to me I don’t think that something I would find enjoyable by having to be forced into something like that.

It’s legitimately the dumbest thing iv ever heard and and the sadist thing in the world. Never felt so heartbroken.

You act like that’s how EVERYBODY plays.

But it’s not.

If anything gears 5 is more rifle heavy, due to how stupidly slow the game is.

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This started in Gears 3 though.


And bouncing isnt a new concept. Didnt it start in 2?

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Don’t get me wrong I will admit that not everyone plays that particular style, there are still a small group who remembers gears the way I do. Just trying to wrap my head around this.

Yeah you could wall cancel in Gears 2.


Because the game is tuned to incentivize everyone running at each other regardless of the situation at all times continuously until a winner is decided.